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Reach more than 60,000 promotional products professionals with EmailExpress, ASI’s direct email advertising service. Reserve your EmailExpress ads today!


EmailExpress offers our suppliers exclusive targeting from our most popularly requested lists. These lists can enhance an existing print or trade show campaign but letting you communicate your most relevant or special offer to the most relevant industry professionals.

Below is a list of our targeted lists currently available, and some ideas on how they can enhance your marketing campaigns.

Possible Offers

Who you'll reach

Targeted List
 • Show Specials – stop by the booth
 • 2 Announcements to see new products
Recent and scheduled ASIShow! attendees
ASIShow! Select
 • Offer free or expedited shipping
 • Buy 1 get 1 free
 • Offer extended terms
 • Announce a 'good customer discount'
Distributor Salespeople in companies with the best credit
ASI Gold List
 • See our ad in ESP for more info
 • Announce a new product
 • Offer select product colors or styles
 • Have a scavenger-hunt contest
ASI's most active distributors ASI Influentials
 • Offer deep discounts on high volumes
 • Send a special thank-you gift or invite
Distributor Salespeople in companies with the highest sales volumes Multi-million Roundtable
 • Send a ‘first-time customer' discount
 • Offer a discount on select packages
 • Offer additional customer service
 • Send a welcome-to-the industry message
 • Offer a pack of sample products
ASI Distributor Salespeople in companies new to ASI ASI New Distributors
 • Send a special offer to jump-start their business
 • Offer a lower than minimum quantity offer
 • Offer a discount on self-promotion items
Distributor Salespeople in smaller companies by sales volume
ASI Small Business


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