Supplier Services

Reach more than 60,000 promotional products professionals with EmailExpress, ASI’s direct email advertising service. Reserve your EmailExpress ads today!


EmailExpress will provide you with the following statistics via email.
  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Delivered
  • Emails Opened
  • Total Click-Thrus
  • Total Client Forwards
  • Total information, sample, and catalog requests
  • Total Opt-outs for your product

Additionally, EmailExpress will provide you with a report of all information requests, including the following pieces of information:

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • ASI number [if a member]
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Request Comments
  • Link to ASI CreditConnect
    [subscribers only]

Reports will be sent on the following schedule:

  • The day after your initial send
  • Three days after your initial send
  • Ten days after your initial send
  • And if you are sending EmailExpress Platinum, thirty-five days after your initial send.
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