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Reach more than 60,000 promotional products professionals with EmailExpress, ASI’s direct email advertising service. Reserve your EmailExpress ads today!

Intelligent Marketing

At ASI, integration with your existing ASI services and advertising is important to creating maximum imapact.

EmailExpress has been created to work with your business tools as well as your advertising in the following ways:


  • Link your creative to your existing ASI supplier website and be sure to keep your sensitive net pricing clear of end buyer eyes.
EmailExpress Platinum offers you an extension of your offer and branding by displaying access to your special from our most popular online sites and e-newsletters for the industry:

  • PromoGram

Your special remains in our interactive directory on for end buyers to request information or send to a client for 30 days after your email has sent.

EmailExpress also offers you targeted lists so that you can communicate across media to distributors. To learn more about targeting, please click here.

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