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Reach more than 60,000 promotional products professionals with EmailExpress, ASI’s direct email advertising service. Reserve your EmailExpress ads today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to send an EmailExpress?

To send an EmailExpress, you'll need to give ASI three versions of your creative.

  1. An HTML version for distributors, which can include links to your site,
  2. A plain-text fomatted version for distributors who choose to recieve text -only email.
  3. A GIF or JPG file, like an email postcard, which includes end-user pricing.
  4. Suppression list of Distributor email addresses to be restricted from release.

For technical specifications, please click here.

  Web design for EmailExpress can be provided from ASI at the rate of $75 per hour.
Creative will need to be delivered 5 business days prior to your email's launch.
Q: How much does EmailExpress Cost?
A: EmailExpress is $799 per send.
EmailExpress Platinum is $899 per send.
Specialty segments are $299 per send.
Q: When will I be billed for EmailExpress?
A: You will be billed within 30 days after your email is sent.
Q: Can end-buyers receive industry-pricing on my email?
A: Only if a distributor forwards them the email directly instead of using the Client-Safe Forward links.
Q: Do only ASI members receive EmailExpress?
A: No, EmailExpress goes to more than 60,000 promotional products professionals. Not all of them are ASI members.
Q: Do I have to be an ASI member to purchase EmailExpress?
A: Yes, membership is required.
Q: I do a lot of email blasting. Do I have to send you my opt-out list?
A: Yes. To comply with Can SPAM, we urge all advertisers to provide us your suppression lists so we can prevent you (and us) from receiving complaints. We will also send you the suppression file collected from our send on request so you can keep your own lists clean.
Q: I'm new to email, will I have to maintain this list myself?
A: No. If you have never done email marketing before, ASI will keep your list of opt-outs for you. Every time you send EmailExpress, ASI will clean our list of the people that have opted out of your specials.
Q: Can I rent your list and send it out myself?
A: No. ASI does not sell or rent its email names.
Q: Can I order a completely custom list to send my EmailExpress?

Currently, ASI offers pre-selected targeted lists. To learn more about those lists, please click here.

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