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Email Express and Supplier Specials

Reach promotional products professionals with Email Express and Supplier Specials, ASI’s email and trigger marketing email advertising service.

Build A Perfect EmailExpress and Supplier Specials Ad - Seven Tips for Success

Write a brief subject line that accurately represents the e-mail’s content. Six words or less is ideal, think newspaper headline, but longer subject lines are OK. Just make sure the subject line is compelling enough that your readers will click.
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Do not ruin sales by incorporating unattractive or irrelevant design. Text is of course, very important, but text heavy emails, with no graphics tend not to work.
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It is important you do not use spam-linked words in the subject line. Do not write “free” or use many exclamation points. Spam filters are gauged to pick-up these types of words your customers won’t get your email. *Please see bottom of email for a list.
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An effective email provides a call to action. Calls to action arouse interest in your product or service. They also allow you to have a built-in purpose for sending the email. Lose the generic call to actions. Instead of "click here," use descriptive terms such as "order now" or "purchase today."
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Recipients quickly scan the "from" and "subject" lines and make almost instantaneous decisions about whether or not to open your e-mail. So always display a name your customers will recognize (either your own or the name of your company) in the "from" line.
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To ensure your emails are effective, pay attention to what information you are sharing. If you send out unnecessary information, you'll lose the interest of the audience. Use copy in your email that describes products in detail. This helps persuade your reader to buy.

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Just because you are creating a sales email does not mean it can’t have a personality. You want the buyer to have a sense that there are people on the other end of the deal. Don’t be afraid to interject some humor and personal flavor. Humor can be great, but be careful not to offend.
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Spam To Avoid
Alternatives To This Word
Do not use all caps Keep everything in lowercase if possible.
Do not use !, $, or 100% Keep punctuation to a minimum.
affordable Reasonably priced, reasonable, within your means, inexpensive
Bargain or best price Good deal, good buy
click here* Go here, learn how, visit here
free! for free?, for free! Or no obligation No-cost or no-fee
guaranteed Proven, certain, attested, affirmed, confirmed, insured
just released New-improved
opportunity Prospect opening, break, chance, occasion
unbelievable Astounding, amazing, wonderful, awesome

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