Why is Advantages your best marketing vehicle to reach Distributors and their Salespeople?

It delivers:

   • Circulation Promise: 40,000
   • Total Audience: 92,000
   • Total Buying Power: $16 Billion
   • High Level Executives: 93%
   • Average Years in Industry: 9.2 years

Our Audience

Over 40,000 ad specialty sales professionals subscribe to Advantages. Every Distributor in the official ASI Network receives Advantages plus distributor salespeople who request to receive Advantages at industry shows and events. Advantages is the best vehicle to reach distributors and their salespeople. 

Stop guessing about the effectiveness of your advertising!

Our popular Advantages Hot Leads Reader Response Program provides you with measurable response to your Advantages advertising while making it easy for salespeople and distributors to contact you.

Readers have the ability to request information about YOUR products and link directly to YOUR website. You'll receive leads via e-mail or download as often as you wish using our online reporting tool.

Here's how our Reader Response System works:

  1. Every ad and showcase product in the magazine carries a unique reference number.
  2. To request information about a product, potential buyers simply log on to our Advantages Hot Leads Reader Response site (www.advantagesinfo.com) or circle the numbers that apply on the card and fax it back or drop it in the mail.
  3. Leads are sent to you daily via email or are available online at your request.


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