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David and Susan Hardy, Sales Representatives, The Logo Shop Inc., Distributor, asi/255308
"First of all, I haven't found a better source for sales info, techniques, etc. than Advantages. I was originally hired as a graphic designer and my wife was hired as a bookkeeper. We now are sales reps for The Logo Shop and have expanded the companies customer base substantially. We love this business and both have found Advantages magazine to be a great tool, not just for sales techniques, but for new ideas as well. Thanks so much."

Brandon Mackay, CAS, COO, SnugZ/USA Corporation, Supplier, asi/88060
"When you talk about effective, when you talk about reaching an effective sales market, you are probably talking about Advantages. What a novel idea to create a publication that is written with the needs and interests of the Distributor sales professional in mind.

What I like best is the distribution of Advantages, a monthly publication that is delivered into the hands of over 40,000 Salespeople who make it happen. No more waiting for your published message to pass from desk to desk, where it seldom makes it through the entire office. Advantages is received by each sales person directly … in their hands, ready to view the SnugZ ad immediately.

With the careful blend of industry education about selling promotional products and a balanced blend of advertising and Fresh Ideas product features, this is one of the best ways for SnugZ to present our unique products. SnugZ has used Advantages as a major vehicle to build a strong brand name."


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