Advantages Leads FAQs

Q: What is the ASI Hot Lead Response Service?
A: ASI's Hot Lead Response Service is a system that allows Distributor readers of Advantages to easily request information from Supplier advertisers. This system is provided at no additional cost to you, and there is no reason to change your ad to take advantage of it.

Q: Why is ASI providing the ASI Hot Lead Response Service?
A: As an extra benefit to advertisers, to demonstrate how your investment with ASI pays off.

Q: How many leads should I expect?
A: First off, not all leads are created equally. That said, The number of leads to expect depends on many factors: 1) Overall readership of your ad (84,000 for Advantages); 2) How frequently the reader has seen that particular version of your ad; 3) How appealing your ad is; 4) What kind of product is featured; and 5) Location within the magazine of your ad.

Q: Are new advertisers at a disadvantage?
A: No. Readers are about as likely to request more information from a new advertiser as an old one, all other things being equal. New advertisers who feature an innovative product in their ad are great candidates for a high response.

Q: If I don't get any leads, are my ads a failure?
A: No. Effective ads build awareness and brand, which pay off in other ways: by being top-of-mind when a Distributor is choosing a list of possible sources, or in simply creating a perception of value and stability.

Q: How do Distributor readers use the system to ask for information?
A: Advantages readers may use the online form at, or a fill out a bound-in business reply card and return it via fax or postal mail.

Q: How quickly will ASI turn information requests into leads for me?
A: Online requests are turned around same-day. A dedicated data entry staff is employed to ensure that faxed or postal-mailed requests are entered within 24-48 hours of receipt.

Q: How frequently will I receive the combined leads?
A: Advertisers will be sent their leads daily via e-mail.

Q: What type of lead information can I expect to receive from ASI?
A: At a minimum, you will receive Email, Name and Address. Should the reader fill out all the optional fields, you will also receive company, mailing address, and phone number.

Q: Is there any additional work I need to do to use the system?
A: Please provide to us 1) the name and email of the person who should receive the leads; and 2) the URL of your website.

Q: Who in my organization should receive the e-mailed leads?
A: The best contact would probably be the sales person assigned to the customer's territory, and/or an individually who can quickly send product information to the Distributor interested in purchasing. It's your decision. You may change at any time.

Q: Why do you need my website address?
A: The system enables Distributors to click through directly to your website, instantly increasing your exposure to your products.

Q: If I accidentally delete the e-mailed leads or if I want to retrieve archived leads, are there other methods available to retrieve lead?
A: We will provide you a secure username and password to 24/7 access to your current and/or archived leads.

Q: Can I get the leads in any other format other than an e-mail message?
A: Leads may also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet, Access database, label format, or in plain-text.

Q: How can I take advantage of the ASI Hot Lead Service?
A: Call your ASI Supplier Sales representative to find out more about our new service and reserve your advertising space in one or more of our premier publications, Advantages, Counselor, and Successful Promotions.

Q: Who may I call for more information?
A: Contact your Supplier Account Manager at 800.546.1350, or at

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