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Are you making full use of ESP?

"I use ESP every day. I had a client I had been trying to land for a year. One day she gave me a call out of the blue. She was looking for a specific piggy bank that the Distributor she normally used had found for her. But it wasn’t at the right price point. She said, ‘I’ll give you a shot. Let’s see what you can come up with.’ I plugged three words into ESP: ‘translucent,’ ‘piggy,’ and ‘bank.’ Up popped three vendors who carried it. I was able to get back to her with a quote that was a dollar cheaper. She gave me the order for 16,000 of them, and I landed her business. From that point on, I wrote about $400,000 of business, just from her. I attribute that completely to ESP."

Robin Lee
JP Frog Advertising Inc.

"We use ESP every single day. There is absolutely no way we could be in business without using ESP. It just saves us too much time. Manufacturers are not sending catalogs the way they used to. Going into their individual websites is difficult. You can’t compare prices. You can’t compare products. There is just not enough time in the day. Last week, I had an answer to my client with in ten minutes. I got the order, right then. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without ESP."

Andrea M. Hedke-Seles
Diversified Marketing

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Get the maximum benefit from ESP
with the ESP Quick Selling Guide.

You’ll discover:
  • How ESP can help build your business
  • Installation instructions
  • How to perform a search
  • Sample Searches:
    • Scenario #1: A fairly simple search
    • Scenario #2: Finding something very specific with a more complex search
    • Search categories: Tips
  • How ESP displays search results
    • Tile View
    • List View
    • Icons in Views: What they’re telling you
  • How do see all the product details
  • Requesting information from Suppliers with Quick Prints
  • Selecting the right Supplier for the job
  • How to “WOW” your customers with your presentations
  • How to email your presentation
  • Good selling techniques

Recent ESP Enhancements:

Fast CenterStage
You can now display your company contact information.. on your PDF CenterStage presentations by entering it under the User Information tab or CenterStage tab.

The memo text field that you are most likely using to display your contact information can now be used for other important messages like “Quote valid for 30 days”, or “Rush orders are our specialty."

To access these tabs and to modify your existing memo text, click on Edit, Preferences and select the User Information tab. Once you have filled in your user information, click on the CenterStage tab to create your message.

More control over information:
The Additional Information and Imprint Information section has been split into separate fields so you have more control over the content of your presentation.

Sharper, clearer images on ACE (All Catalogs Electronically)
ASI has scanned all the images at a higher resolution and is using state of the art compression technology to provide you with catalog pages that are sharper than ever before. Even the small print that appears on many catalog pages is easier to read.

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