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Commonly asked questions when considering ESP…

  1. What is ESP?
  2. How will ESP help me make money?
  3. How quickly can I be up and running with ESP?
  4. How do I know I can rely on the data in ESP?
  5. How long will it take for ESP to pay for itself?
  6. Promotional products are only part of my business, why do I need ESP?
  7. I always use the same Suppliers. Why would I need ESP?
  8. How often is the information on ESP updated?
  9. Can I try it before I decide to buy?
  10. What if I buy it now and decide later that I don't need it?
  11. Do you have referrals that I can call to get their feedback?
  12. How many of my employees can access ESP at one time?
1. What is ESP?
ESP is a selling system designed specifically for promotional products professionals. It helps you quickly locate products, compare prices and Supplier performance, and select just the right Supplier for a given project.

How will ESP help me make money?
ESP will keep you from being bogged down in research and administration, so you can spend more time selling. With ESP you’ll be in a position to take full and immediate advantage of every sales opportunity, every time.
Weigh the value of ESP against the cost of:

  • Getting the phone call
  • Taking down the information
  • Looking up the information in dozens of catalogs
  • Preparing a competitive analysis between similar products to find just the right one
  • Sourcing a brochure so you can send a picture to the customer (you don’t want to lose ANOTHER catalog!)
  • Preparing a quotation
  • Calling the customer back, and leaving a message that the fax is on the way
  • Faxing the quote
  • Calling back again to make sure the fax was received
  • And starting the entire process over for the next quote, or change request.

How quickly can I be up and running with ESP?
You’ll probably be able to use the basic functions right out of the box, and with our new Quick Start Guide, it’s easier than ever. Plus, our Personal Support contact will spend about 15 minutes with you shortly after you make your purchase, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your ESP. ESP is an investment product that will have you selling more, right away, and its value grows as you become more proficient. Of course, anything worth doing is worth doing well, so you’ll want to spend some time with our ESP experts who will teach you how to reap the maximum benefit from ESP. All our training is free. You can take advantage of a session at a show, on the phone, at our site, or yours. We make it easy for you to succeed with ESP.


How do I know I can rely on the data in ESP?
ASI has the most intensive, comprehensive quality control procedures in the industry. Pricing is triple checked, and every entry goes through an approval cycle that makes the data virtually bullet proof.

No other resource gives you as much searching and selling power:

  • 650,000+ items
  • 3000+ audited catalogs
  • Staff of up to 100 specialists making changes in real time
  • Constant random data accuracy checks
  • Regular accuracy audits
  • Standards of conformity for data entry
  • Toll-free number for customers to report discrepancies
  • A rigorous product improvement program

ESP is more than a research system. It’s a selling system that will help you succeed.

“I love ESP. Time is such an issue. ESP solved the problem of being able to get products out to my customers in a format they can view right when I send the email. I’m making more money now. I have gotten a copy for our field people, who, in turn, have also started to make money with it. We have a customer who deals with corn products. We sent him ideas with corn products. He was amazed. He’s going to keep that on his desk now and refer to it when they do a tradeshow. When you use CenterStage, you can put their logo on it, and their theme. It makes you shine.”

Ann M. Heimerl
Accent on Advertising

I use ESP daily. It helps me find the items and prices, and quickly understand which ones will meet the customer’s price point. Then I can put together the presentation and show it to the client, so they can print them out and share them with whomever they need to share them with. They are more able to make a decision. The other day a lady called me for some golf items for their golf outing. I quickly put together a presentation of about twelve items with tees and divot fixers. I sent her the presentation on Thursday, and on Monday she called me with an order for 500 of the items. It didn’t require a sales call or a visit. Clients really like the PDFs I’m sending now. I would tell anyone who was thinking about buying ESP: ‘Go ahead. Absolutely. It’s fabulous. It’s worth every penny.”

Katie Heimerl
Accent on Advertising


How long will it take for ESP to pay for itself?
ESP could easily pay for itself with your first order. Use ESP regularly and you will be moving from interest to order quickly and profitably.

“I have thirty-five hundred catalogs and I don’t have the time to go through them all. Now I can sit down at the computer, push one button, and it’s all right in front of me. The PromoClient information is also right there. So when they call me back and say, ‘Hey, what did you quote me two weeks ago?’ I can pop that back up. The tech support is also great. I needed help one day with a very time-sensitive deal. The tech support person walked me right through it. We put together the PromoClient, and the Fast CenterStage presentation. I was able to email it and wound up getting the order, for 50,000 four-ounce cups. I can pay for three year's worth of ESP with one deal like that; everything else is pure profit.

Kevin Hinton
Maverick Marketing

“ESP is my primary research tool. I use it daily. Eighty-five percent of my orders are rush jobs. My clients get their product information out of Media File. I ask them for the reference number, and go right to ESP, plop in the number, and wham! I have the item that they need. ESP is absolutely wonderful. It’s powerful, fast, and reliable. It’s the best product that I could have possibly been sold. Being able to make changes to prices, that’s a valuable feature. And my clients love the way I’m able to put together a page-by-page layout of the particular items they’re looking for, with the price lists. They just keep coming back for more.”

Richard Evans
New Columbia Solution

6. Promotional products are only part of my business, why do I need ESP?
Because ESP is created to help you find what clients want and show it to them immediately.Be the first, with the best, even when you’re competing against people who have been in the business for years. It gets you into the business and makes it easy to grow your business:

In this economy, customers are looking around, and they often wait until the last minute. It’s important to get information to them quickly, so they can make a decision. ESP saves me time. We got a big order recently because we were able to get back to the client that same day with all the information they needed to make a decision. The distributor we were competing with doesn’t have ESP and it took him a week and a half to reply. We got the account, and now they’re one of our largest customers. I don’t know how you could do business without it.”

Erin Murray
Story Kenworthy


I always use the same Suppliers. Why would I need ESP?
Consider the realities:

  1. One of your good clients call to place an order. You contact your usual supplier. But the supplier can’t make the due date ESP will solve this problem in a couple of seconds. enter a couple of keywords into the search, and immediately see the vendors who carry what you need. Perhaps at better prices. See how other Distributors rated each Supplier, based on their own real-world experience. You’ll see which Supplier could deliver on time and the ratings – on product and imprinting quality, product scheduling, and communications would verify that commitments will be honored. With ESP You’ll be able to fill that order and make the sale.
  2. A potential client calls because of a catalog dropped off a year ago. Their usual vendor hasn’t been performing well lately, so they’re giving you a try. The item needed is one that you’ve never ordered before, not carried by your regular Supplier. Supplier. The performance ratings in ESP help you find the best Supplier to fill the order, and you get a new client.
  3. An order you place often could be found at a lower price or on special, at any given time, ESP has 100,000+ items on special.

The vendor you’ve always used has gone out of business. Now you’ve got a client wanting to place a large order…and you need to find a new supplier, fast.

8. How often is the information on ESP updated?
Data updates are available for download on a daily basis, plus you’ll receive a new ESP disc six times per year.

“There is just so much information on ESP that saves you time. Every time you have to do phone calls or look something up, it costs you money. With ESP, you can do it all in one step. It is a great tool.”

Ann Witkey
AAI Promotionals


Can I try it before I decide to buy?
You can try ESP for 30 days absolutely free. During your trial period, why not take advantage of all the ways ASI helps you to discover the power of ESP.

10. What if I buy it now and decide later that I don’t need it?
You can return ESP any time without penalty, and the balance of your annual fee will be refunded.
11. Do you have referrals that I can call to get their feedback?
Yes, our representatives will be happy to provide you with that information.
12. How many of my employees will be able to access ESP at once?
Any employee can access any copy, but just one at a time. Many Distributors purchase a copy for each salesperson. Call your representative to discuss cost-effective options for multiple copies.

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