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""(We) use ESP every day. Five and ten times a day. We use the Quick Search feature. And it’s a great feature. Just for obvious sourcing ease. It’s certainly easier than going up on the Web and trying to source something, and it’s where we go to first. It’s our first stop. Someone calls in and says they want large, foam surfboards, we will go to ESP and put in the words "foam" and "surf,” and go from there."

Waterfront Promotions

"One year ago, I started Marketing Koncepts out of a small home office. Since I had no experience in the industry, I believed catalogs would provide all of the product sources I needed. However, I quickly realized that was not the solution. After much frustration and many long hours of searching, I finally purchased ESP. It was, without a doubt, the best decision I could have made for my business. I also cannot say enough about the incredible technical support that comes with the program.

“I have now moved into professional office space and those hard-to-find products are no longer a problem. I highly recommend ESP to all distributors in this business. Thanks ASI!"

Michael Kempke
Marketing Koncepts

""ASI is the greatest! I’m an avid supporter of the Advertising Specialty Institute – I think you’re great, and without you I could have never built my business! Last August, I added ACE on DVD.

ESP/ACE is a vital part of my growing business. It saves me countless hours and takes the place of one full-time employee. I believe that with ESP (and only with ESP) I can grow my business and offer truly outstanding customer service.

Thank You!"

Kathy Jorgensen, C.A.S.
PBS Ad Specialties, Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that because ESP made it easy to find what I needed I just closed two orders worth $4600! We were looking for products with Kentucky Bourbon. Thanks so much – ESP has already paid for itself many times By the way, my clients love the CenterStage presentations. It really gave me an edge."

Sally L. Back
Kaeser & Blair Inc.

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with ESP. What a powerful tool. I hardly have to leave the office anymore. My customers love it too. They appreciate that I have the ability to email them a presentation. I am writing up orders solely by emailing a presentation and waiting for a return email or phone call telling me which one and how many. I truly appreciate all the advice and guidance you have been able to pass on to me. Starting my own business became a lot easier after the first time we spoke. Thanks again!"

Mark A. Holzhauser
Concepts In Advertising, Inc.

“Ninety-five percent of my research is done with ESP. I use it to respond to clients quickly, before a competitor does. It’s a competitive industry. ESP helps you stay a step ahead of the competition.”

Marty Stanchfield
Realm Promotions

“We got ESP four months ago. It has been completely awesome for us. It has saved us so much time; time is money. It has been tremendous. I use it every minute of the day. When you tell a customer that you have the ability to find thousands and thousands of items in a certain price range, they feel very confident in you.”

Dianna Dunkel
Advantage Specialty Advertising

“Clients are impressed with the presentations we send. They look like I spent a lot of time on them, but I didn’t – I can create a presentation in minutes. I love Centerstage.”

Missy Reynolds
e-Corporate Solution, Inc.

“Initially, when we opened our business, we tried a competitor, who promised the same research capability or even better. That certainly proved untrue. After about six months we switched to ESP. It(ESP) gives us the ability to find the right product, at the right price, with the right logo on it, delivered at the right time. Day-to-day, ESP helps us most by saving us time. It gives us the ability, instead of constantly calling suppliers, to be out there selling, selling selling.”

Ginger Roberts
e-Corporate Solutions, Inc.

“ESP helps me get answers back to my clients. It’s very fast. I get instant results. We use it hourly.”

Dionne Moser
Impact Marketing & Design

We use ESP every single day. There is absolutely no way we could be in business without using ESP. It just saves us too much time. Manufacturers are not sending catalogs the way they used to. Going into their individual websites is difficult. You can’t compare prices. You can’t compare products. Last week, I had an answer to my client in ten minutes. I got the order, right then. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without ESP.”

Andrea M. Hedke-Seles
Diversified Marketing

“I use ESP every day. I had a client I had been trying to land for a year. One day she gave me a call out of the blue. She was looking for a specific piggy bank that the Distributor she normally used had found for her. But it wasn’t at the right price point. She said, ‘I’ll give you a shot. Let’s see what you can come up with.’ I plugged three words into ESP: ‘translucent,’ ‘piggy,’ and ‘bank.’. I was able to get back to her with a quote that was a dollar cheaper. She gave me the order for 16,000 of them. From that point on, I wrote about $400,000 of business, just from her. I totally contribute that to ESP.”

Robin Lee
JP Frog Advertising, Inc.

We think of ESP as more than a research tool, just like we want people to think of us as more than just being about ‘stuff.’ ESP enables us to come up with creative solutions that we can provide to our clients. We love CenterStage. It gives us a competitive advantage. ESP helps us zero in on finding the proper items that are going to meet a given need. It saves our time and our client’s time. I’ve just discovered the Idea feature. You can just pick out an idea, whether it’s an automotive theme, or an anniversary theme, and ‘Wow! Hello! Here come up the ideas.’ We won't have to work as hard to come up with those ideas, and that makes us look like geniuses to our clients.”

Jeff Soloman
All-American Marketing Group

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