“The product is awesome. We’re a Mac-based company and are really excited to be able to run ESP Orders and ESP Web without any additional software.”
Phillip Myers, Myers Printing. asi/278937
“We are looking forward to implementing ESP Web and ESP Orders at our company. Integration of these programs with our current financial system will significantly enhance our service levels and streamline our order processing.”
Barry Steinberg, The PromoTouch asi/301441
"Being new to the ad specialty marketplace again – I was last in it from 1991 to 1997 – I plan to sit at the feet of the masters constantly and learn new success paths each day, said Lee Van Kirk, founder and CEO of Van Kirk & Associates (asi/350981). “Especially here with the new ESP.”
Lee Van Kirk, Van Kirk & Associates asi/350981
"We couldn't have grown 5 fold in 10 years or continue to do the business we do without ESP."
Michael Fink, GWS Inc. asi/200095
"ESP has made us heroes to our customers, which in turn has created more repeat business and increased our sales!"
Gina Brumbaugh, Peregrine Corporation asi/293491
"I have closed more sales with the help of ESP than I could have ever done in the past."
Lee Cohen, Lindon Associates Inc. asi/254251
"Because of ESP & CenterStage, I am able to work the impossible in my client's eyes."
Joe Meininger, Lee Wayne asi/356000
"ESP has cut my behind the desk research time in half which has allowed me to spend more face time selling."
Lori Smith, Marketing Communications asi/ 261624
"ESP makes my company look more professional and competent than my competitors."
Scott Harris, PYRA Promotions, Inc. asi/302566
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