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Presentation tips for ESP Web.

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1.ESP Web Home Page – Presentation Button

a. Create Presentations From Anywhere! You can start your presentation from your ESP Dashboard, Clipboard, Search, Projects, Event Planner and many other places in ESP.

b. . Access the Presentations Manager The Presentations Manager enables you to start a presentation, access your five most recent presentations or projects and even establish presentation preferences.

c. Find Your Presentation at Any Time! To open the last presentation you worked on, select the "Presentations" option in the main navigation and find your presentation in the "Recent 20 Presentations" drop-down.

2. Presentation Manager

a. View or Establish Presentation Preferences Presentation Preferences are defaults that enable you to bypass presentation elements that always remain the same. Set a default layout, theme, color and orientation in the Preferences wizard to create presentations faster. You can even select to have default opening and closing pages as well as set data fields.

b.View Recent Projects The Recent Project module shows the last five projects you have worked on. Clicking on the project name will take you to the project folder. The Recent Projects module provides you with easy access to the projects you currently working on.

c. View Recent Presentations The Recent Presentations module shows the last five presentations you've worked on. Clicking on the presentation name will open the Presentation Wizard. To see all of your presentations, click "View All" or "View: Presentations" links.

3. Create a New Presentation

a.Title Your Presentation When you create a presentation, you are asked to provide a "Presentation Name," which will also be the default title when you send it to your customer. The title appears on the finished product. You can change your presentation name and title at any time in the Presentation Wizard.

b. Personalize for Your Customer Personalize presentations by adding a customer, which you can do when you create your presentation or during the "Share" step.

c. Keep Your Presentations Organized Project folders keep all of your presentations and products in one place so you have everything right where you need it. You can even create new project folders on the fly by clicking on the "Create New" link!

4. The Wizard

a. Add Products Any Time! In the Presentation Wizard, you can add products at any time! Get started by adding products from project folders, ESP search or your clipboard.

b. Use Search to Find Products for Your Presentation Searching ESP in the Presentation Wizard is just like ESP Web searching. Just click the "Add to Presentation" button to include the product in your presentation.

c. Preview at Any Time At any point in the Wizard, you can preview your presentation by clicking on the "Preview " link in the upper right area. Make changes and preview frequently to ensure your presentation looks perfect.

d. Look Your Best! For a complete custom presentation, you use any combination of the theme, orientation, color and layout options. You have hundreds of ways to make a presentation that sells!

e.Make It Snappy! Presentation theme, layout, data fields, opening and closing pages can be set to a default to enable you to save time! Set this in the wizard or on the "Preferences" page and create presentations in minutes.

f.Share Your Presentation! You can email presentations as an HTML file or a PDF. You can also share your presentation by publishing it to your ESP Website or Company Store!

g. Export to PowerPoint Want more control over the presentation design? You can always export your presentation to PowerPoint and customize. Go to the "Share" link in the wizard and click "Export to PowerPoint."

h. Change the Product Order To reorder products in your presentation, click on the Edit Products and drag the product to where it should appear. Click "Preview" to make sure the product order is correct.

i.Adjust Product Pricing To make changes to many price grids, Click on the Price Calculator link. From here you can apply price codes, change list and net pricing and match pricing to the current ESP pricing.

j. Enable Virtual Samples You can apply a virtual sample to all products or an individual product. Just click on the arrow next to the Design link and then click on Apply a Virtual Sample. To create a virtual sample, select, and click "Apply." The virtual sample will appear on all products that are virtual sample-enabled.

k.Change Product Images Don't like the default image for a product? Click on the Edit Products link, then you can select from additional product images provided by the supplier or use the "Upload a New Product Image" link to use an image from your computer.

l.See Multiple Price Grids Go to "Edit Products and click "Show" link next to the grids you would like to show. Secondary price grids will show on the page after the product.

m. Show More Data Fields
Add data fields to all or selected products on "Step 3" and click "Show." Preview your presentation to ensure you are happy with the result.

n.Copy a Product Want to include two options for a specific product? In the Edit Products area, find the product and click on the "Copy Product" link below the product image. This will create a copy of the product in your presentation. Edit the copied product and show your customer another option.

o. Display Contact Information Your contact information will be shown on the contact page of the presentation. You can also use the Design menu to select Theme & Layout area where you can customize the Header to display your logo and contact information on each page of your presentation.
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