Frequently asked questions about ESP Web.

You can contact us at 800-546-1350, option 2, or email us at
Product Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Q: Do I need to download the new version or does it happen automatically?
A: The new version is browser based, so there is no need to download anything!

If you are already using ESP Online, please contact Product Support at 800-546-1350, prompt 2 or email to start using ESP Web.

If you are not using ESP, please contact your account executive.

Q: Is ESP Web compatible with MAC computers?
A: Yes! ESP Web will run on a MAC computer with no additional software!

Q: What browsers can I use?
A: We recommend Firefox 5.0, however, you can use Internet Explorer (9 or higher), Google Chrome, and Safari.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: The minimum requirement is Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 3.x, Chrome 4, or Safari 4.

Q: Can I be logged into ESP Web as well as ESP Online at the same time or does that violate the license?
A: You can use both at the same time since they are two separate applications, each with their own license.

Q: Can I use ESP Web on my Internet-ready cell phone?
A: Yes, you can search for products and suppliers on any device that has a compatible browser.

Q: Will there be an iPhone App?
A: Yes! ESP Mobile is available in the App Store for all ESP Web users!


Q: Is this costing more than what I am paying now? Do I have to use ESP Web or can I continue to use ESP Online?
A: There is no additional cost for ESP Web if you are already using ESP Online. You can continue using ESP Online until it is phased out.

Q: If I don't have ESP Orders, will I have a shopping cart?
A: You will need ESP Orders to have the shopping cart. Fortunately, ESP Orders is free with ESP Web!

Q: How much are additional licenses? (Web)
A: Please contact your account executive.


Q: What training is available?
A: We have several training options available to you. You can view our Quick Step Guides or attend a live training session. You can use the links below to access each option:

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