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Frequently asked questions about ESP Orders.

You can contact us at 800-546-1350, option 2, or email us at
Product Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Q: If I have multiple users from 1 company, will each user have their own user name/password, or response email?
A: Yes, each user must have their own user name and password for security purposes.

Q: Will there be security levels so a distributor sales rep sends presentation but management must log on to create supplier PO and approve credit before it is created?
A: Yes.

Q: I am the owner and do not want my outside Sales Reps submitting orders directly. Can I limit their access?
A: Yes. ESP Orders has three levels of permissioning. They are Restricted (sees and can submit their own orders), Standard (can see all and can approve other people’s orders), and Sales Manger (can see all and can approve other people’s orders and edit orders and change statuses).


Q: Is ESP Orders replacing ASI Transact?
A: Yes, although both will be available for several months.


Q: How would generating an order apply to Canadian ESP users?
A: ESP Orders is completely customizable and will be able to handle Canadian pricing, shipping, etc.

Q: Many suppliers are loaded with US dollars even though they are Canadian suppliers: Will Canadian dollars be available?
A:The products and pricing come from ESP Web. If the supplier has US pricing, that is what will be displayed in ESP Orders. You can convert the Sales Order total to Canadian dollars. Automatic currency conversion will not be available in the first release however.


Q: Can 3rd party accounting offices using QuickBooks access ESP orders and download data?
A: Yes, you can import your client list from Quickbooks and Export the Purchase Order and Sales Order to Quickbooks.

Q: Can I link ESP Web with any accounting system?
A: If your accounting system accepts XML imports, you can export the data from ESP Orders.

Q: Can I export these ''ready'' orders into ProfitMaker instead of using ESP Orders as the Purchase Order manager?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to use ESP Orders for the purchase order if I already use ProfitMaker for it.
A: ESP Orders will integrate with ProfitMaker. Once the Sales Order is created, you will be able to export the data to a file that can be imported into ProfitMaker. No more re-keying!

Q: Do you have a customer management program that works alongside this for salespeople?
A: Yes, ProfitMaker. Visit for more information.

Q: Can I add products to an order that are not in ESP? For example, products from non-ASI suppliers?
A: Yes, you can enter your own custom products in ESP Orders.

Q: Which file types do you use to export a Sales Order?
A: .iif (QuickBooks), CSV, and QBXML.

Q: Can I export a Sales Order to QuickBooks?
A: Yes, you can export a Sales Order to QuickBooks. This will enable you to do your accounting without re-keying data.


Q: Can I bill the customer from ESP Orders?
A: Yes, you can generate an Invoice from the Sales Order with one click.

Q: Can I invoice services like embroidery and screen-printing to my clients?
A: Yes, they will be added after their inclusion on the master Sales Order.


Q: Is order history available?
A: You will be able to access and sort your closed orders by date in the Order Manager.


Q: What data security measures do you have in place?
A: To make sure the data in ESP Orders is secure and available 24/7, ASI employs leading data security services including:
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery: Our main data center is replicated 800 miles away, on another electrical and weather grid. In the event of a local disaster, you’ll have access to your data in just hours.
  • Multiple ISPs: ASI uses multiple Internet service providers to provide bandwidth to and
    from our servers. If one company has an outage, we switch to another immediately.
  • Enhanced Data Centers: With laser-sensing air sampling tools to identify smoke, advanced environmental climate controls, intelligent floor and ceiling fire extinguishers and double password access.

    Q: Does ESP Orders save credit card information?
    A: To maximize security for your data and your client’s data, we do not store credit card information. Plus, this makes certain you always ask for the data from the customer in case they want to use another card, their card has expired, etc.


    Q: Will all suppliers be able to take an order this way? Do they need to set anything up?
    A: Yes, all suppliers can. All suppliers have been contacted by ASI to ensure their “Order” email and fax numbers are current.

    Q: Can I follow up with suppliers directly from ESP Order?
    A: In an upcoming release.


    Q: What training is available?
    A: We have webinars and tutorials as well. Register for the webinars at and click on Support Center. Our tutorials are on the dashboard of ESP orders at

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