“We signed on as the first company to use ASInternet 10 years ago.  Our website has really leveled the playing field for us, because we can offer our clients thousands of products, just like larger companies.  I refer customers to it all the time, especially when I’m traveling.”

Nat Morse
Morse Group

“The results from using ASInternet have been amazing for my business.  As of July this year, my sales are up 650% from July 2003, when my website was built and went live.  I can honestly attribute the recent success to the professionals at ASI and the quality of the ASInternet product.”

Charles Cassely
C&C Promotions

"Our LogoMall website is responsible for a 50% increase in product sales and proven to be the most cost-effective marketing investment our company has ever made.

Website visitors especially love the interactive virtual store and product catalog search features, both of which expand our customer service capabilities as they are available 24/7.

ASInternet's outstanding technical and marketing support team have helped elevate our web presence to a new level of professionalism."

Matt Nigro
Isle of Consulting LLC

Er Promotions, Inc. has been a member of ASI for almost 15 years doing business the old fashioned way, beating the pavement and dialing for dollars everyday in our local market. Sales have been consistent but harder to come by during these past few years with cuts in advertising budgets and a generally weak economy. With that, we looked for a smarter way to prospect for new customers.

With the assistance of ASI Internet we designed our first website over a year ago, which has been a tremendous resource to our existing client base. Earlier this year we began promoting our site on the internet with guidance from the ASI Internet team, and traffic from new clients has picked up significantly. We now get calls from all over the US and wakeup everyday to check in on our shopping cart orders and catalog requests!

We can't thank the ASI Team enough for opening our eyes to a new way of marketing our products and boosting our sales!!

Thanks for all you help!

From all of us at ER Promotions, Inc.

Thanks to ASI and LOGOMALL for giving our firm the ability to maintain a top flight website at a fraction of the cost of traditional webmasters, and the ease in which we can customize the site to make it our own.

We look like we are a much larger distributor with the capacity to reach well beyond the local marketplace. In fact, the Product Search option helped us close a deal for custom labeled bottled water for a new client in North Carolina last week.

Finally, we have a website we are proud to promote!

Drew Truitt
I. N.C, Inc. www.4upromo.com
Sarasota, FL

Dear ASInternet,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with your LogoMall product and the training you have provided us here at IMPACT Promotions. As you know we have been using one of your competitors’ online products for several years now and I'm so glad we switched. We now have a product with up-to-date pricing and products that are available for sale and not discontinued. We also especially like the ability to refine and narrow down our searches which the other product did not have. Actually there are many other differences between your product and your competitors that shows me that ASI understands the needs of us distributors. Thank you again for making me and my staff more productive and able to help our customers better and faster.

Bruce Levison, BruceL@IMPACTpromotions.com
IMPACT Promotions, www.IMPACTpromotions.com
Advertising Doesn't Cost, It Pays!

Let me get up on my pulpit and "testify" how the wisdom of Liz Kennedy combined with the ASI website services has added to my marketing capabilities. I am now using my site, not only as a reference tool for current clients, but as a way to put together target marketing campaigns (via featured products pages) aimed at various industries. After selling in this industry for over twenty 26 years, its great to find a new marketing opportunity to get excited about. Hey... you've almost made me feel computer literate.

Thanks again,
Mike Fields
Sterling Regency Promotions

Since we installed the service at Broadway Promotions, we have received rave reviews from our closest clients. They appreciate the access to a resource that can assist them in generating new and creative ideas while they are at their own office and more importantly when they are away from their office but with access to a computer. I find it to be an exceptional sales aid and tool to communicate with my clients. I use it live on-line with clients

Raymond G. Klose
CEO/Creative Director
Broadway Promotions

I received an email from an out of state customer, asking me if I sold imprinted "seed" packets. I emailed him back, directing him to my new website (www.proprologo.com). I told him to go to "product search", then go to "product category", scroll down to " seeds" and click on (the supplier I recommended). I told him to look around and call me with questions.

About 2 hours later, he emailed me again with the flower type he was interested in purchasing, and asked me for the imprint area and requirements. I returned the email with that information. Four days later, I received an email from him with an order of 6,000 seed packets with electronic artwork attached. I emailed him the acknowledged order with the ship date information.

On the day the order shipped, I called him on the phone to thank him for this order, and let him know the exact date of receiving his seed packets. I told him that I had to call, to personally say "Thank you" for this order. From the very beginning of his inquiring email, to the very end, this process was handled electronically, and it all began with my website and ASINTERNET.

Brett Carlson
Professional Promotions, LLC

We are all adjusting to the newest "member" of our company, the Logomall Plus web site! It is a wonderful addition to our 12 year old business. It's a wonder how we functioned so long without it!

In particular, we like the fact that customers can create an account for themselves with a password of their own. Customers seem to like this benefit and it ties them into our company. Also, the $1,000 drawing is a great part of the web site. Our customers have told us that they will come back month after month just to enter and see what is new under the Unique Items category. Another benefit is that we were able to customize the 2 general information links on the left of the home page with all of our important information and favorite links.

All in all, the Logomall is great and we can see that it will make a tremendous difference for everyone in our office from sales people to research people to the administrative staff. The customer service at ASI, especially Liz Kennedy, has been wonderful, helpful and always there for us!

Caren Pofsky
Custom Special Tees, Inc.
Van Nuys, CA 

We wish to thank you and the Internet Department Staff for your personal touch. Any request we have regarding our site, whether it is changes needed or just questions, you take care of it in record time. I hope other distributors appreciate the great service. We can't thank you enough, you make us look good.

Proud to be a member.

Paul Laslo
Paul Laslo and Associates

Jessica –

I want to thank you for the excellent training session on LogoMall recently. The instruction was clear and succinct and immediately set me on the path to being able to communicate much better with my clients about specialty advertising products. It's true, a picture is worth a thousand words and being able to email catalog pages has made all the difference! Thanks for the good training.

Mike Butler
PR Store

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