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How to add a personal LogoMall banner
Outlook Signature – PC Only |
Entourage Signature - Mac Only
*Will not work with Outlook Express

Add your personal LogoMall URL:
Step 1: Click here to get the banner.
Step 2: Highlight the banner and press Ctrl & ‘C’ to copy
Step 3: Open up a blank Microsoft Word document and press Ctrl and ‘V’ to paste the banner in the new document
Step 4: Right click on the banner and select ‘Hyperlink...’
Step 5: Type your LogoMall URL into the Address bar


Step 6: Press OK
Step 7: Repeat step 2 (Highlight and Copy or goto Edit/Select All) the banner in the Word Document

Add your banner to Outlook:
Step 1: Open up Microsoft Outlook
Step 2: Go to Tools> Options> the window that appears should look like:


Step 3: Select the Mail Format Tab

Step 4: In the first section set:

  • Select Compose in this message format as ‘HTML’
  • Check ‘Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages’

    *NOTE:  This will change the format of your email message.

Step 5: At the bottom select ‘Signatures’
Step 6: Click on ‘New’ and follow the wizard to create a signature:

Step 7: Enter in your contact information into the blank window. You can use the font tool for bolding and italicizing as necessary. When you have entered in your company information press return two times and press Ctrl & ‘V’ to paste the banner in place.

*NOTE:  You will not see the banner displayed in the preview pane. 

Step 8: Press ‘Enter’ 3X and enter in a call to action below the banner like… Find the perfect promotional product 24/7 – 300,000+ items to choose from! If you want your text centered you will need to manually space it.  Don’t worry if the text runs over – the format in this window is not the same as it will appear on your email.

Step 9: Select ‘FINISH’

Step 10: In the Mail Format tab you can now set your signature to be set for new mail and reply & forwarded email.

*NOTE:  Banner is animated; however animation will not start until message is received.

Add your banner to Entourage:

Set HTML as your default for email (see help file to do this)

Click Here to Download the banner to your computer

(Control & Click) on the banner
Select download image to disk
Select desktop as your destination & save

Create a signature
Go to Tools > Signatures
Create New signature
Ensure HTML is enabled (Bolding etc… is available). If not, click on the ‘ab’ button on the far left to turn on HTML
Add your name and contact information below the 2 dashes in the window
Drag the banner from your desktop into the signature
Add your LogoMall URL using the format http://yourlogomallurl
Close and Save

Specify a default signature

  1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  2. Click the account that you want to specify a default signature for, and then click Edit.
  3. Do one of the following:
       - For IMAP, Hotmail, or POP accounts, click the Options tab.
       - For Exchange accounts, click the Mail tab. Under Message Options, on the Default signature pop-up menu, do one of the following:  
    Add the signature you just created

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