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This is a list of Trademarks and/or Logos that cannot appear within ASI products without the proper authorization of the owner of the Trademark and/or Logo. If you have any questions, please contact your ASI Representative.

LAST UPDATED 11/13/15 – * New since last update

ASI Logos
ABC logo/trademark
AT&T logo
Actor/Actress-Professional-promoting prod.
Acura trademark/logo
Allianz Life
American Airlines
American Heart/Stroke Association
Apple trademark & logos including all I- products
Aramis logo
Audi logo/trademark
BAND-AID Brand trademark
Banker or Bankers trademark
Barq's beverage
Basic brand cigarettes
Big Boy logo/trademark
*Big Thunder
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Blue Moon logo/trademark
BMW Corporate logo
Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts of America
All Budweiser/Anheuser-Busch logos/products
Buell American Motorcycles
Buick trademark/logo
Cadillac trademark/logo
Captivate Network
Cardinal Health
Caterpillar trademark/logo
Century 21 trademark/logo
Chevrolet trademark/logo
Chrysler trademark/logo
Cinzano (USA) trademark/logo
Citizen Watch trademark/movement
*Clik Clak
Coca-Cola/Diet Coke/Cherry Coke
Collegiate logos/mascots/slogans***
Collegiate bowls/conferences***
***See list of collegiate members at under Clients
Consumer Report
Coors & Coors Light logo/trademark
Cotton Logo & Trademark
D.A.R.E. logo
DigiClean trademark
Walt Disney trademarks/logos
Dunlop Tires
ESPN trademark/logo
The Empire Strikes Back
Encourage-Mints, Encouragemints
Ethos trademark
Farmers Insurance Group
Ford Motor Products
Frappuccino trademark
General Motors/GMC trademark/logo
General Electric/GE logo
Giorgio Perfume
Girl Scout logo
Go Green Initiative (GGI)
Golds Gym
Goodyear/Goodyear Racing
Greek Sorority/Fraternity Organizations
Hard Rock Café trademark/servicemark/logo
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Heissman Trophy
Hello Kitty trademark/logo
Honda, W-Wing emblem,Wing Elite servicemark
HSBC trademark/logo
Hummer trademark/logo
Hyatt Corp trademarks
Ipod (listed under Apple)
Java City trademark/logo
*JENGA-in relation to Games
John Deere logo & trademark
Kellog's trademark/logo
Kelly brand tires
Keystone Light logo/trademark
Killian's Irish Red logo/trademark
Lion's Club International
Lucky Line name
M & M/Mars trademark/logos
Magic Cube/MagiCube Name and Trademark
MLB-Major League Baseball logo and teams

March Madness term
Marlboro/Marlboro Lights cigarettes
MCGruff Crime Dog name and image
Mello Yello soft drink
Melmedica Children's Healthcare
Mercedes Benz trademark
Merit brand cigarettes
Merrill Lynch, Fenner & Smith/Bull symbol
Milk logo
*Monster Energy Drink
Molson & Molson Canadian logo/trademark
Montage Hotels
Mr Pibb soft drink
Mukluk, Muk Luk
NCAA Collegiate logo/trademark
NFL-National Football League and teams
NHL-National Hockey League and teams
NBA-National Basketball Association and teams
National Park Services Arrow
New York Times
Nike Golf
Olympic/Special Olympic trademark/logos
"Oscar" statuette/likeness
Parliament/Parliament Lights cigarettes
Philip Morris brand products
Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. name and trademarks
Players brand cigarettes
Pontiac trademark/logo
PGA (Professional Golf Association) logo
Planet Holywood
Playboy/Rabbit head logo
Power Promo Balance wristband product
Powerade drink logo
Presidential Seal
Ramblin' Root Beer
Red Cross trademark
Return of the Jedi
Ritz Carlton Hotel logo
Rotary International
Rolex name and crown emblem trademark
*Rubik's/Rubix Cube
Salvation Army
Saturn logo/trademark
Scruff name and image
Seattle's Best Coffee trademark/logo
ServPro logo/trademark
Snoopy character
*Soft Touch
Sparky the Fire Dog logo/trademark
Spectra Energy
Spherical shaped lip balm item LBEGG from Webb Company
Star Wars
Starbucks or Starbucks Coffee logo/trademark
State Farm Insurance logo
*Sundesa's Blender Bottle or Sportmixer Logos
Sundesa's Blender Bott Logos
Superman logo or Superman caricature
Surge soft drink
Tab soft drink
"Take A Bite Out of Crime" expression
Traveler's Insurance
Tree Design car freshner
Trivent Financial for Lutherans
US Green Building Council 
US Coast Guard
US currency at original size
United Parcel Service (UPS) logo/trademark
United Way-hand and rainbow symbol, three people
symbol, eagle and stars symbol
Veteran's of Foreign Wars of the US
Vanguard Group logo/trademark
Verizon name and trademark
Virginia Slims brand cigarettes
Volkswagen logo/trademark
Wellpoint (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
WNBA-Woman's National Basketball Association and teams
Woody Pens
YMCA/Y logo and trademarks
Zamboni logo and ice machine likeness
Zima logo/trademark

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