Hear What Industry Insiders Are Saying:

I received over $1.8 million worth of new business from speaking and networking at the ASI Power Summit.  This is business I would not have had if I did not attend.

I want to commend ASI for a job well done.  The ASI Power Summit was the most impressive and rewarding networking and educational summit I have ever experienced.  A large number of top suppliers and distributors played an active role, and I enjoyed networking and getting to know these influential colleagues much better.

I had the opportunity to hear and listen to my favorite colleagues share their experiences and opinions on many subjects that are important to our industry, like:

  • How to attract investors
  • What motivates end buyers
  • Why marketing matters
  • The Green movement
  • Customer services’ new gold standards  

I was also fortunate to be asked to speak on a panel about international business, which included some of the industry’s best in international experience and exposure.  The panel included:

  • Jim Epstein, Polyconcept
  • Gene Geiger, Geiger (asi/202900)
  • Jonathan Isaacson, Gemline (asi/56070)
  • Ray Titus, United Franchise Group

During the breakout sessions, I was able to talk with both suppliers and distributors in a small group.  We discussed interesting topics, and shared opinions, as well as advice.  I enjoyed learning how other good, Counselor Top 40, family-owned suppliers run their operations, as well as giving them my opinions and input.

The breakfasts, lunches, dinners and cocktail gatherings gave us a chance to network and build relationships with people we didn’t know at all, or those we needed to get to know better.  Bonding time is what you make of it.  Since the Power Summit presented the opportunity, we made the best of it!

After the ASI Power Summit, we all walked away with new contacts and knowledge (from our colleagues and friendly competitors) that was extremely beneficial and helpful for all of our futures in the industry. We also developed terrific friendships and bonds.

I still keep in touch with my new supplier friends.  I still approach and am approached by distributors that I met with at the Power Summit, and some were brand new relationships. 

As I stated in the beginning, I personally developed a lot of business from the ASI Power Summit (some new accounts and some current accounts) I would not have had if I didn’t personally attend.

I do have to say, that it was a great experience, and one like no other.”

Bonni Shevin-Sandy
President of Dard Design and Executive Vice President,
Tagmaster/Dard Products, Inc. (asi/48500)

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