2012 Counselor Distributor Choice Awards Semifinalists

The Counselor Distributor Choice Awards program was established in 2001 to name and celebrate the most-valued ASI suppliers in the advertising specialty industry, as determined by ASI distributors.

30003A A Patch Works Inc.
30017AAA Promotions Inc.
30107Nissin Cap & Bag
30112ACE Products
30121A/4 Moshay Inc.
30125AGAS Flags, Banners and Caps
30206AMS Ind.
30208A P Specialties
30212APN Corp.
30214APF Mktg.
30218APB Accessories
30219A P Tanslin Premium Co. Inc.
30223A Plus Wine Designs
30250A Z X Sport America
30270Aakron Rule Corp.
30350A La Carte
30370Abex Exhibit Systems
30442Above & Beyond Advertising Products
30499Link Displays Inc.
30537Acehigh Tech Corp.
30540Achievements In Light
31015ActNow Media Inc.
31040Ad-A-day Co. Inc.
31260Adcapitol Aprons, Bags, Banners, Flags & Wearables
31485Ad Master Supply
31490Admatch Corp.
31515Ad Miracle Inc.
31516Admints & Zagabor
31522Ad Products Bazaar Inc.
31530Adsun Inc.
31550Ad-Tek Specialties Inc.
31570Advantage Ind.
31840Adco Litho Line Inc.
31969AdImages Drinkware & Arlington
31977Ad-Line Ind. Inc.
32125Adspec Images
32180Advance Corp.
32187Advance ID
32220Adventure Trading Inc.
33177Afton Promotions
33205Agua Promotions
34037Alexa Springs Inc.
34040Alexander Mfg. Co.
34042Alfa Instruments Mfg. Co.
34262All Book Covers Inc.
34310Alladin Plastics
34330Allen Co./The
34345Alliance Rubber Co.
34350All Star Ind.
34355All-Secure Graphics LLC
34375Alpec Team
34408Alpha Shirt Co.
34415Alpi Intl. Ltd.
34800Alstar Creations
35280AmeriCAL Inc.
35283American Acrylic Awards & Gifts Inc.
35290American Ad Bag Co.
35400American Calendar Co.
35420Katz Americas
35494American Custom Safety
35500American Greenwood Inc.
35530AITG Business Gifts
35579IMARK/American Natl. Supply Inc.
35730Americanna Co.
35745American Zebra Line/AZL
35916Ampaco Inc.
35964Amtek Wholesale Signs
36205Andrew Philips/Millennium Lthr.
36225Anga Supply LLC
36290Anthony Enterprises Inc.
36550Apple Corporate Technologies
36558Aprons, Etc.
36561Approved Memory
36705Archer's Decorative Glass Corp.
36730Ariel Premium Supply Inc.
36965Art Crystal Ltd.
36979Axis ImageCase
36988Artek USA Inc.
37122Artistic Toy Mfg. Inc.
37127Ash City USA
37143Ash City
37185Astor Chocolate
37218Athena Promo
37355Atlantic Coast Cotton
37385Atlantis Time-Line
37390Atlantis Match Co.
37427Atlas Match
37455Atteff Intl. Inc.
37461Augusta Sportswear
37465Aunt Beth's Cookie Keepers
37470Aura Badge Co.
37540Aurora Graphic Technologies
37567ai Promo
37592Avalon Drinkware Inc.
37655Awards Inc.
37689BAW Athletic Wear LP
37693B C G Creations
37700BCH Unique Inc.
37710B & C Mfg. Inc.
37757B J Crystal Inc.
37783Beyond Mfg. (B M F G) Intl.
37786B N M Wholesale
37855Badash Crystal
37870Badge Print Co.
37940Bag Makers Inc.
37949Bags Depot Inc.
38120Ball Pro Inc.
38195Balloon House/Balloons Overnight
38209Baltimore Glassware Decorators
38243Banaka Inc.
38285Bankers Pens Co. Inc.
38300Banners In 48 Hours
38670Barton Nelson Inc.
38850Bath Promotions
38980Bay State Specialty Co.
39250Beacon Promotions Inc.
39540The Beistle Co.
39552Bel Promo
39820Benmex Intl. Inc.
39830Benner China & Glassware Of FL
39850The Bentcil Co.
40240Berlekamp Plastics Inc.
40261Berney-Karp Inc.
40344Best Promotions USA LLC
40348Best Way Promotions
40445Bey-Berk Intl.
40480Bic Graphic USA
40515BILD Enterprises LLC
40580Birchcraft Studios
40595BizPins Inc.
40601Black Knight Press LLC
40620Black Forest Ltd.
40646Bloomin Promotions
40653Blue Generation
40658Blue Loyal
40788Bodek and Rhodes
41080Nelson Boone Co. Inc.
41319Boxer Boxer
41511Brainchild USA Inc.
41720Bretton Square Ind.
42016Brighter Promotions Inc.
42090Broder Bros., Co.
42155Brooklyn Prods/AmeriFoam
42393Budgetcard Inc.
42426Bulldog Packaging
42440W C Bunting Co.
42849Business Card Inc.
42850Business Ind. Inc.
42910Earl Butler & Assoc
42920Busrel Inc.
42938Buttons Galore Inc.
42963Buztronics Inc.
42975C2t Corp./C2
42984CD Source Direct
42989CFS Promotions For Now!
42990Chicago Flag & Decorating Co.
43008C N I J
43014C E T Intl.
43016China Imprint
43270Calconix Inc.
43425Guild Line
43442Calibre Intl. LLC
43530California Tattoos
43650Cameo Novelty & Pen Corp.
43678Canada Coaster Inc.
43766Canyon Outback Leathergoods
43792Cap America Inc.
43861Carhartt Workwear & Haws USA Inc.
43920Carlson Craft
44020Caro-Line/Bandanna Promotions
44203C A S Enterprises Inc.
44368Cedar Crest Mfg.
44369CE Mktg. Inc.
44460Century Mfg. Inc.
44530Chaby Inc., George R.
44620Charles River Apparel
44623Chass Inc.
44830The Chest
44897Chocolate Chocolate
44900Chocolate Inn
45100Chulani Promotional Products Inc.
45330Classic Medallics Inc.
45365Steve Clayton Inc.
45430Clear Image Inc.
45432My Promo Cloth
45447The Display Source
45451Countdown Clocks Novelty Corp.
45513Clothpromotions Plus
45580Coby Electronics
45647Coleman Co. Inc.
45775Color Promotion Ind.
45800Color Cup Corp.
45815Coloring Book Solutions
46250Conestoga Innovations
46420Continental Mktg. Svc. Inc.
46532Cooler World LLC
46719Corner Lot Mktg. Inc.
46741Corporate Image Outfitters LLC
46755Cosmo Fiber Corp.
46756Cotton Fruit Inc.
46758Cosmos Exports
46999CC Impressions
47150Creative House Promotions Inc.
47590R M Crow Co.
47610Display Republic
47700Crown Products
47759Crystal D
47787Crystal Sensations
47897Curto Toy Mfg. Co. Ltd.
47933Custom Creations
47934Custom HBC Corp.
47947Source Beyond
47963Cycle Force Group LLC
47991DFS Group
48000DLX Ind. Inc.
48009DG Promo
48051DYR Design Your Recognition
48056Dye Into Print
48500Dard Products Inc.
48503Dark Star Printing & Embroidery
49120Del Rey
49169Delray Pin Factory Intl. Inc.
49333Design It
49446Creative Water
49528Digital Storage Inc.
49685Diffusion Intl.
49854Ecopak Bag and Gift Packaging
49890Discount Labels
50120Dixie Seal & Stamp Co. Inc.
50240Sports One Group
50410The Dooley Co.
50700Double Products Co.
50873Drummond Printing Inc.
51179Dynamic Apparel Solutions
51197ETS Express Inc.
51201EK Ekcessories
51204ERB Safety & Fame Fabrics
51205E T I Pens
51599Eco Lips Inc.
51678Eder Flagpole Co.
51752Edwards Garment Co.
51803Ego ID Media
51810Eisinger Smith Inc.
51940Elliot-Barry Co.
51950Elliott Calendar Co.
52207Classique USB Gifts Specialty Inc.
52280Emblematics Inc.
52387Empire USA
52475Xpres LLC
52493Ennis Inc.
52522Envision Printing
52710Essef Distributors Inc.
52715The Essence Of Time
52775Etching Wines & Spirits
52835Eva Tees Inc.
52840Evans Mfg.
52910Ever-Lite Co. Inc.
52975Evergreen Emblem Mfg. Inc.
53046ELBusa Creations
53404Expert Performance T
53411Express Pens/Express Time Srce
53433Executive Link
53470F & H Ribbon Co. Inc.
53480FRS Ind. Inc.
53504Factory Direct Line LLC
53616FANDA PromoFactory Corp.
53697Faro USA
53915Featured Promos
53950Ferber Plastic Mfg. Co.
53974Fersten Worldwide Inc.
54040Fey Promotional Products Group
54100Fields Mfg. Inc.
54287Finish Line Promo & Mfg. Inc.
54290Finn Graphics Inc.
54579Flash Drives Plus
54582Flash Direct
54596Flexible Innovations Ltd.
54896Folder Express
55030Footprints USA
55056Force 2000 Athletic Apparel
55145Fossil Corporate Markets
55439Fresh Beginnings Inc.
55450Franmara Inc.
55470Front Line Mfg.
55516Full Designs
55549Golden Pacific Intl.
55553GAR Ind.
55565Gbag Inc.
55583GMG Pen
55600G P Mktg. Intl. Ltd.
55609GW Crystal Inc.
55630Gabriel Metal Casting
55675Galaxy Balloons Inc.
55775Gannett Graphics
55875Garment Gear
56005Gateway Mktg. Concepts
56080Gemaco Inc.
56100Gemini Ind. Inc.
56403General Loose Leaf
56777Gifted Expressions LLC
56814Gift Services
56950Gill Studios Inc.
57380Glass Graphics Inc.
57582Global Reach Network Inc.
57605Glove Branders
57606Global Sweet Treats
57611Gold Mountain Group Inc.
57653Gold Bond Inc.
57655STOPNGO Line
57657Golden Lion Intl. Co.
57665Golden Express
57670Golf Balls & More/Sport-Towels Inc.
57672Golf Tee Printers
57702Goodhope Bags Ind. Inc.
57705Goodview Ind. Co. Inc.
57800Gordon Ind. Ltd.
57853Gotta Have Products-1
57956Graphco Line
58040Graphik Business Accessories
58480Grumpe's Specialties Inc.
58486Guardian Promo Packaging
58760H & C Headwear/Capco Sportswear
58805HPC Global
58842H T T Apparel & Headwear
58860Haas-Jordan By Westcott
58883Hadrus Inc.
59080Halls & Co.
59475Hampton Technologies LLC
59571Hans Mfg.
59685Hard Hat Knives & Flashlights
60240Hazel Promotional Products
60282Headwear USA
60320Heat Factory Inc.
60460Hellman Promo Media
60582Heritage Sportswear Inc.
60724High Sierra Sport Co.
60981Hippo Corp.
61005Hirsch Gift Inc.
61125Hit Promotional Products
61430Holloway Sportswear Inc.
61670Harvest Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd.
61761Horizon-Promote This Logo
61820Hospitality Mints LLC
61835House Of Doolittle Ltd.
61900Houston Leather & Glass
61952Howw Mfg. Co. Inc.
61960Hotline Products
61966Hub Pen Co.
62017Huffermen Inc.
62050HumphreyLine Inc.
62066Huntington Pier Intl. Inc.
62068Huppee Creations LLC
62124iClick Inc.
62141Hyproline LLC
62177Idle Eyes
62192Illinois Glove Co.
62195Image Award Ribbons
62240Imagery Group Inc.
62293Impact Advertising Inc.
62486Imprints Wholesale Inc.
62494In Your Face Apparel
62536 Incentive Concepts LLC
62570Indiana Metal Craft
62573Infinity Recognition
62589Indolce Confections
62656Innopack USA
62660Innovation Line by Innovation Specialties
62690Instant Tee House
62695Inter-All Corp.
62820Intl. Merch. Concepts
62838Intertek Accessories Corp.
62853iPlus USB Inc.
62960Its All Greek To Me
62977J America
62985J Charles Crystalworks Inc.
63009J I T Mfg. Inc.
63053JMTek LLC
63090Jacobson Hat Co. Inc.
63101JWL Promotions
63121Janco Line
63160Jarco Line
63302Jensen Promotional Items Inc.
63500Jomar Ind. Inc.
63549Jornik Mfg. Corp.
63625Thanks A Dozen
63698Justin Case
63711Justin Case
63726KGM Consumer Group Inc.
63754K N P Headwear Inc.
63770K & R Precision Corp.
63773KTP Design Co.
63774KTS Inc.
63776KTI Networks Inc.
63823Kanata Blanket Co.
64140Kati Sportcap
64227KIndex USA Inc.
64635KB Innovative Products By KEY-BAK
64845Kin Image Inc.
64887King Stone Enterprises LLC
65579Koolgator LLC
65595Kool Pak Inc.
65603Kool Trends
65693Kronex Global
65700Kross Inc.orporated
65948L A T Sportswear
65952LBU Inc.
65987L T L Imaging
66010Bel Promo/Hurricane Line
66040Label Works, a Navitor Co.
66041Label Your Cigar Inc.
66135Lamagrafix Designs
66150Lamco Advg Specs Inc.
66224Lanco Corp.
66230Landes Inc.
66260Lantor Ltd. 3D Products Div
66390LarLu Display-Tec
66575Latico Leathers
66602Launch Group Corp.
66653Leanin' Tree
66715Leashables By Oralabs
67075Leprechaun Promotions LLC
67230Lewtan Ind. Corp.
67620Lion Circle Corp.
67633Lip Balm Branders
67658Liquid Assets Bottled Water Inc.
67675Liqui-Mark Corp.
67755Litehouse Custom Printing Inc.
67837Logo Included Inc.
67849Logo Mats LLC
67866Logomark Inc.
67870LOGOSkirt Corp.
67961Lorente LLC
67970Los Altos Trophy Inc.
68029Love Rocks Inc.
68190Lungsal Intl. Inc.
68199Lut Crystalworks
68207MAC Specialties Ltd.
68218MB Works Inc.
68253A A A & M K Promotion Inc.
68264MLF Sales
68310M P H Inc.
68311M S A Hard Hat Promotions
68314MSL Advg Products Inc.
68316M2 Enterprises Inc.
68320M W M Dexter Inc.
68452Magic Cubes
68475Magna-Plus Inc.
68480Magna-Tel Inc.
68507The Magnet Group
68595Mak Group Of Companies/Tomahawk Garment
68630Manufacturers' Direct Sls. Inc.
68680Maple Ridge Farms Inc.
68707Marathon Mfg./Prestige Lines
68736Marcus Engravers Inc.
68833Mktg. Promotion Image
68850Markon Pen & Pencil Inc.
68873Marlo Plastic Products Inc.
68887Arrow Hockey & Sport
69732Maxwell Medals & Awards
69796Mayshen Inc.
69885McCreary's Tees
70130Medalcraft Mint Inc.
70302Media Supply Inc.
70310Medo Co.
70429Meetings Direct
70434Mega Cap Inc.
71033Mi Pen Co.
71127Midwest Workwear
71176BindersUSA div of Miles&Miles
71340RecognitionWorx Inc.
71350Mineral Springs Bottling Co.
71685Mid-Nite Snax
71814Mr Beach
71854Mobile Edge
71870Mocap LLC
71907Modern Plastic Bags Inc.
71920Moderne Glass Co. Inc.
71980Molenaar LLC
72521Morris Magnets
72743Murphy Group, The
72808NES Clothing Co.
73010Natico Originals Inc.
73200National Balloon
73280National Banner Co. Inc.
73392Apollo Group
73450Nationwide Pennant & Flag Mfg.
73464Nationwide Promotions LLC
73480National Vendor Inc.
73497Natural Trends
73502Natures Purest Spring Water
73510Neely Mfg. Co. Inc.
73525Neet Feet Inc.
73823Newday Medical Corp.
73871Next Products LLC
73979Nissun Cap Inc.
74100Norco Inc.
74357Notes Inc.
74400Norwood US
74408Novelty Premium
74585Nu Promo Intl.
74600Nucom/Burk's Bay
74779O & S Supply Co. LLC
74798J O'Brien Co./Madison Line
74930Okina/Symphony Seed Papers
75086123 Emblems
75350Otto Intl. Inc.
75521Oversea Imprint LLC
75530R S Owens & Co. Inc.
75606PDQ Promotional Products
75640Pacesetter Awards
75649PCG Line
75731Pacific Western Sales Inc.
75760The Page Seed Co.
75945Paramount Apparel Intl. Inc.
76450Patches Out Loud
76520Paulmay Co., a division of DLX Ind.
76567Payge Intl. Inc.
76575Payne Publishers Inc.
76675Pedre Promotional Products Inc.
76730Peerless Umbrella Co. Inc.
76841Fortune Cookie Promos
77074Penguin Products LLC
77240Pentel Of America Ltd.
77280Pepco Poms
77340Perfect Match Intl.
77350Perfect Promotional Products
77796Pertech Ind. Inc.
77961Phoenix Sports Promos
78060Picnic At Ascot Inc.
78073Piel Leather Inc.
78100Pilgrim Plastic Products Inc.
78110Pilot Corp. Of America
78140Pinnacle Designs
78154Pinnacle Promotion Supply
78206Handy Products Line
78270Planned Plastic Products
78340Plasti-Card Corp.
78825Points Of Light Inc.
79028Posh Xessories Inc.
79083Power Sales And Advertising
79337Precision Laser Art
79349Premier Label Water Co.
79372Premium Promo USA
79464Preston Farms Popcorn Co.
79527Prime Designs
79530Prime Resources Corp. (USA)
79538Prime Memory Solution Inc.
79653Private Label Executive Gifts
79680Pro Golf Premiums Inc.
79750Pro Towels Etc.
79818CP&G Line
79840Proinnovative Inc.
79903PromoBiz USA LLC
79922Glow Promotions
79930Promotional Slideguide Corp.
79933Prorose Inc.
79954Pennant Sportswear Inc.
79988Proway Ind.
80129Quake City Caps
80150Quick Point Inc.
80196Quality Lapel Pins Inc.
80201Quality World Products Inc.
80210Quikey Mfg. Co. Inc.
80216Miami Mktg. Resources
80228Quinn Flags
80274RHB Mktg.
80289RMK Worldwide Inc.
80345Cooler Graphics Ltd.
80460Rainbow Polybag Co. Inc.
80489Raining Rose Inc.
80490Rainkist Umbrella Co.
80882Ready 4 Kits
81080Red Wing Bags
81500Navitor Stationery
82261ReturnMoi Inc.
82283RFG Line
82351Richard's Gourmet Coffee Co.
82401Ridgerock Tools Inc.
82588River's End Trading
82596Rivers Promo Inc.
82649Road Pro
83090Rockleigh Ind. Inc.
83748Royer Corp.
83770Royal Ind.
84325S & K Mfg. Inc.
84358S & S Activewear
84380SWF Products
84430Sacs and Boxes 2
84495SafeHaven Products
84592St Regis Crystal
84820Sanders Mfg. Co.
84833Sanford Business-To-Business
85620H M Schmidt Co. Inc.
86018Scrub Authority
86300Select Manufacturers Inc.
86390Senator Promotional Group USA
8655572 Express
86565Seville Gear
86785ShedRain Corp.
86850Shepenco/Shelbyville Pencil Co. Inc.
87155Shortrun Printing Solutions
87188Showdown Displays
87245Sign Warehouse LLC
87315Silver Bullet Systems
87400Simple Signman
87455Sinoway Inc.
87620Skinner & Kennedy Co.
87800Smart Play USA, LLC
87849Steven Smith/Stuffed Animals Inc.
88060Snugz/USA Inc.
88148Solar Advertising
88156Solid Dimensions Inc.
88188Sonoma Promotional Solutions
88200TK Cups-Sorg's
88241Sound Line LLC
88242Source Abroad Inc.
88245Sourcing Dept
88251Source 1
88310Southeast Plastics
88367Southern Plus
88442Sparkle Plenty Designs
88449Sparkling Earth Products
88584Specialtising Intl. Inc.
88660Spector & Co.
88680Spectrum Uniforms
88782Sport Systems Custom Bag Corp.
88876Sports Solutions Inc.
88998Standard Mfg. Co. Inc.
89240Star Polybag Ind.
89320Starline USA Inc.
89367State Line Ribbon & Trim Inc.
89663Sterling Cut Glass Co. Inc.
89850Stone Enterprises Inc.
89860Stoneycreek Marble Products
89864Stormtech Performance Apparel Ltd.
89865Strand Art Co. Inc.
89910Stouse Inc.
89955Stromberg Brand
89960Strong Leather Co.
90149Sunset Brass Product
90154Sunjoy Group Inc.
90159SunScarf Intl. Ltd.
90160Suntex Ind.
90237Supplier Direct Promotions
90253Superior Promotional Bags
90305Sweda Co. LLC
90392Sweet Nut Tree
90479TJ Promotions Corp.
90487TK Intl. Group
90507TRG Group
90518TSC Apparel
90640Target Line
90650Tattoo Factory Inc.
90667Taylor & Grant Specialties Ltd.
90673Teamwork Athletic Apparel
90674Team Mates Inc.
90696Techtron Ind.
90767TSI Group Inc.
90859Tempo Ind. Inc.
90912Terry Collection
90913Terry Town
90914Tervis Tumbler Co.
91079Games People Play
91130Think Tank
912403M/Promotional Markets Dept.
91256Throw Pillows By C & S
91265Timberwolf Products
91279Time Frame Inc.
91330Timecal Intl. Corp.
91336Timenet Group Inc.
91340Journalbooks/Timeplanner Calendars
91416Titan Custom Products Inc.
91439Tonata Enterprise
91456NuWave Signs and Printing
91530Toppers, LLC
91565Totally Bamboo
91605Towel Specialties
91607Towel Trading Group Inc.
91754Trademark Poker & Game Room
91755Trademarks Embroidery
91760Tradenet Publishing
91780Traffic Works Inc.
91880Tranter Graphics Inc.
91916TravelChair Co.
91995The Twin Line
92125Tri-Mountain/Mountain Gear
92133777 Promotional Products Inc.
92147TripBuilder Inc.
92185Norwood Triumph Calendars
92240Tropar Mfg. Co. Inc.
92245Tropico Imports Ltd.
92275Truebite Inc.
92354Turfer Sportswear
92429USA Connect
92433US Mfg. Group
92480Uniflex Holdings Inc.
92842My USB Flash Drive
93130Utica Cutlery/Kutmaster
93131US Flash & Technologies LLC
93390Vantage Apparel
93391Vantage Apparel
93425Vas De Rex Co.
93520Ventura Inc.
93601Universal Printing
93630Versa-Tags Inc.
93755Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.
93757Via! For Travel and More
93917Virginia T's Inc.
93967Visage Screen-Print
93986Visions Awards
93988Vista Leather
93990Vitronic Promotional Group
94105Visual Textile Resource
94180Vonco Products Inc.
94290Waehner Importing Co. Inc.
94770Waldor Products
95280Warwick Publishing Co.
95320Wasatch Tees of Atlanta
95333Washington Promotional Group
95395Water Promotions Inc.
95735Way2Cool Inc.
95838Webb Co.
96235Wehr Ind. Inc.
96670Western Pad Co.
97247Windbrella Products Corp.
97270Windmill Planners & Saratoga Pens
97284Windy City Products Inc.
97294Wine Country Promos
97472Winning Edge Inc.
97477Winpak Mfg.
98138Woodco Inc.
98149Wood Expressions Inc.
98160Woodrow Engineering Co.
98264World Emblem
98290World Wide Lines Inc.
98414Wristband Nation LLC
98600Wholesale Banners Online
98760Yafa Line Inc.
98766Yanlee Trading Co. Ltd.
98788Yarborough Time-Awards Etc
98975Zeit Co. Inc.
98980Zenith Promotions
99550Zorrel Intl. Inc.
99555Z & Z Greenways
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