Video Testimonials

Jo-an Lantz, executive
vice president
Geiger (asi/202900)
Mark Schinn, MAS, west
coast representive
Incentives West (asi/822957)
Marty Lott, founder
SanMar (asi/84863)
Paul Lage, president
Norwood Promotional Products


The ASI Power Summit was an exclusive opportunity to meet with the top leaders of our industry and share ideas. It was a chance to learn new strategies for everything from award winning customer service to reliable product safety testing. What I enjoyed most about the event were the seminars and break-out sessions – everyone was engaged and contributed to the discussions so we were able to hear different perspectives from both suppliers and distributors. I walked away with a renewed sense of ambition and excitement for our industry. And the location was incredible…the Arizona many times do you get to stay at a spa resort while on a business trip?! I was able to sit poolside in eighty-degree sunshine and strategize iClick’s plans for 2008 – now that’s a productive trip.

Lon McGowan, owner/president
iClick (asi/62124)

I’ll admit it. I went to The Power Summit wondering whether or not I’d get anything out of it. Well, it’s been a month since the Summit, and I can honestly say I’ve quoted over a dozen of the presenters since then! The sessions were amazingly relevant. Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay is that ASI was not only able to attract such an impressive group, but that their program was able to engage and hold our interest. I cannot wait to attend again.

Phil Sibinski, MAS, president
PJS Inc.

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