Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt
Apparel & Caps: Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Supplier: Think Geek (asi/91123)

Product Description: T-shirt that comes with a mini amp and two magnetic picks. The wearer can play all major chords, which are recorded from a real electric guitar, and strum with the pick, just like on a real guitar. A great interactive item for retailers and music shops.

1. Women’s Element Soft-Shell Jacket from Vantage Apparel (asi/93390)
2. OC HiBeam Cap from Outdoor Cap Co. (asi/75420)
Awards: Deep-Etched Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Supplier: Etching Wine & Spirits (asi/52775)

Product Description: Looking for an alternative type of award or recognition item? This olive oil is imported from Italy by Mantova and is offered in a 750-ml bottle that can be fully etched. A full-label version is also offered. Not only a useful item, but an attractive keepsake to honor winners.

1. Pushing Men Bookends from International
Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)
2. Cognitive World from Visions Awards (asi/93986)
Deep-Etched Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ice River Seat Cooler
Bags: Ice River Seat Cooler

Supplier: The Magnet Group (asi/68507)

Product Description: This unique item has a 12-can capacity and doubles as a portable seat. It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap and folds flat when not in use. Perfect for any outdoor event or golf/fishing tournament.

1. Life in Motion Capri Computer Bag from Gemline (asi/56070)
2. Cargo Travel Organizer from Built NY Inc. (asi/42422)
Calendars: MoMA Click Ball Perpetual Calendar

Supplier: International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)

Product Description: This presents users with a stylish way to display the date. Simply click the button to change the day and rotate the dial to change the month. Could be the perfect accessory for anybody’s desk.

1. Notepad & Calendar Portfolio from Jetline (asi/63344)
2. MousePaper Calendar Mouse Pad from Digispec (asi/49716)
MoMA Click Ball Perpetual Calendar
Metal USB People
Computer Accessories: Metal USB People

Supplier: Sweda Company LLC (asi/90305)

Product Description: Have a client with a lighter side? This item is a cute and entirely unique way to save and transport important data. It’s made from alloy with a shiny silver, gold or gunmetal finish, and is offered with memory from 512 MB to 8 GB. Perfect for tech-focused companies.

1. Catalyst Computer Solar Backpack from Gemline (asi/56070)
2. Verve Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger Bag from Leed’s (asi/66887)
Desk Accessories: Flexi-Vase

Supplier: Prime Line (asi/79530)

Product Description: This innovative desk item is made from soft, flexible, shatterproof PVC. It lays flat when not in use but forms a vase shape when filled with water. It’s offered in five colors.

1. Hub/Phone Holder from Pingline (asi/78137)
2. Desktop Wind Turbine from SunScarf International Ltd.(asi/90159)
Drinkware: Terra

Supplier: ETS Express Inc. (asi/51197)

Product Description: It may look like a disposable coffee cup from the local diner, but it’s actually a design breakthrough. This 11-oz. double-wall porcelain mug has a silicone lid to help keep the beverage hot or cold and also help prevent spills. The double-wall porcelain traps air for insulation. Great giveaway or gift-with-purchase item for restaurants and coffee shops.

1. Can-in-Ball Football Coozie from Positive Outcomes (asi/79043)
2. lazenger Fuel Tank Mug from Leed’s (asi/66887)
Electronics: Solar-Powered Charger

Supplier: Greater China (asi/58135)

Product Description:This highly useful and attractive item lets users charge their mobile phone, digital camera, PDA or MP3/MP4 player while on the go. It comes complete with all required attachments/adapters and can be PMS-matched. Think about any electronics store or youth-focused promotions for this item.

1. Foggia Bluetooth Speaker Rearview Mirror from Hirsch Gift Inc. (asi/61005)
2. Solar Sound Speaker from Gemline (asi/56070)
Silicone Oven Mitt
Housewares: Silicone Oven Mitt

Supplier: The Magnet Group (asi/68507)

Product Description: This oven-mitt-meets-ski-glove item has a silicone mitt area with a soft fabric lining and cotton canvas sleeve. The silicone will not melt, stain, scratch or lose its shape. Could be the perfect item for any retail giveaway or consumer-packaged-goods company promotion.

1. Cereal On The Go from Dard Products Inc. (asi/48500)
2. Emergency Tool from KTI Networks Inc. (asi/63776)
Meeting Products: Matrix Travel Wallet

Supplier: Posh Xessories Inc. (asi/79028)

Product Description:Multi-function item has a quick-access exterior ticket and boarding pass pocket along with interior pockets for other documents, cards, coins, USB flash drives, keys and more. Makes for a great executive giveaway or recognition prize for traveling salespeople.

1. Presentation Master from Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.(asi/93755)
2. Spray Bottle With Hook Cap from SnugZ/USA Inc. (asi/88060)
Matrix Travel Wallet
The CoolerGrill
Sporting Goods: The CoolerGrill

Supplier: Positive Outcomes (asi/79043)

Product Description: It’s a cooler, it’s a grill, it’s … both. This combo grill and cooler item is a patented grill with dual coolers that keeps dry goods separate from wet. The perfect companion for any tailgate party or outdoor event.

1. SportCouch from Algoma Net Co. (asi/34170)
2. Igloo 10-Gallon Cooler from Visual Promotions (asi/93997)

Watches & Jewelry: Slap-On Watch Round

Supplier: Sweda Company LLC (asi/90305)

Product Description: This fun item easily wraps around your wrist with a light slap of the band. It’s made from silicon and is offered in several colors: green, orange, fuchsia, blue, gray and white. A great conversation piece for any promotion.

1. Infantry Vintage Chrono from Victorinox Swiss Army Inc. (asi/93755)
2. Awareness Ribbon Pin from Amcraft (asi/35210)

Slap-On Watch Round
Fun Crayon
Writing Instruments: Fun Crayon

Supplier: Liqui-Mark Corp. (asi/67675)

Product Description:This unique product keeps five colors of crayon at hand with its fun shape, and is easy for little (or big) hands to hold. A creative item for education promotions or for day-care center giveaways.

1. USA Good Scents Twist Pen from All-in-One (asi/34256)
2. Sherpa from International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)
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