Apparel: Performance Cap
Supplier: Cap America Inc. (asi/43792)
Product Description: Featuring Icefil fabric, the cap stays cool and odor-free while offering enhanced protection from UV rays. It uses the same technology that’s found in breath mints to convert sweat to a refrigerant.
Distributor Testimonial: “No matter what the weather is, when you wear a hat, your head sweats. The technology of converting sweat to a refrigerant to keep you cool makes this a hat I would show my clients. I work with fast food and fine dining restaurants and the hat would be great for kitchen help and counter help. Also, useful for anyone who is having a golf outing.”
– Mike Grossman, vice president of sales, Imagemark (asi/230137)
1. Fleece Sweatshirt from American Apparel (asi/35297)
2. Executive No-Iron Royal Oxford from Vantage Apparel (asi/93390)
Awards: Floating Globe
Supplier: Pinnacle Promotion Supply (asi/78154)
Product Description: Using magnetic suspension, this floating globe hovers or spins in mid-air. It’s offered in several colors, with the option of either an oval or piano-shape style.
Distributor Testimonial: “The levitating and spinning makes this a great executive gift with a WOW! effect. This item is great for any company with global locations or even just a goal of global expansion. This serves as a great reminder that we can have the world at our fingertips with a little hard work and perseverance.”  
– Mike Juels, president, Corporate Images Inc. (asi/169081)
1. Pepsi 500 Award from R.S. Owens (asi/75530)
2. Awards in Motion Illumachrome Andover from Crystal D (asi/47759)
Bags: Ship-N-Tote
Supplier: Fabriko (asi/53450)
Product Description: A dual-purpose product, the Ship-N-Tote serves as a unique mailer and an eco-friendly carry bag. The outside is made of protective clear vinyl, but once products are shipped, the recipient can turn it inside-out and transform it into a tote.
Distributor Testimonial: “We had this as a hot pick last year! What a cool piece. You pack it and it is shippable and turns into a tote for the recipient. This could be used by anyone who wants to make an impact as well as get their package opened upon receipt. There is no way anyone wouldn’t open it up.”
– Michelle Altobelli, CEO, Altobelli Advantage Inc. (asi/119272)
1. Life in Motion Bag from Gemline (asi/56070)
2. Michael Kors ASTOR Large North/South Tote from
Special Markets Marketing (asi/88571)
Calendars: MoMA Magnetic Perpetual Calendar
Supplier: International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)
Product Description: This perpetual calendar provides a unique way to mark every day. Just move the magnetic balls to indicate the day and month. It can be used on a desk or mounted on a wall.
Distributor Testimonial: “For those who enjoy a fantastic contemporary calendar with an innovative way to know the date, this is a real winner. As with much of the MoMA product line, art is the focal point. This one fits right in with good design. Super office gift or for a design studio.”
– Neil Caplin, proprietor, Production House (asi/157242)
1. Multipurpose Leatherette Box from Gordon Industries Ltd. (asi/57800)
2. MousePaper Calendar from Digispec (asi/49716)
Computer Accessories
Computer Accessories: Laptop Sleeve
Supplier: Numo (asi/74710)
Product Description: This sleeve is offered in 140 color combinations and is made from the same material (Neoprene) that’s used in wetsuits. Accent panels are designed by P.K. Reese and three sizes are available.
Distributor Testimonial: “Takes mainstream retail to the promotional industry. Color combinations make it highly customizable. Would be good for professional markets and education.”
– Sheila Johnshoy, director of promotional products, Deluxe Corporation (asi/178720)
1. Built Cargo Laptop Sleeve from Built NY Inc. (asi/42422)
2. Keyboard Slip from Pingline (asi/78137)
Desk Accessories: Slinky Adhesive Note Pad
Supplier: TradeNet Publishing (asi/91760)
Product Description: Using alternating glue, this springy notepad emulates the popular Slinky toy that most everyone remembers from childhood. It’s offered in five colors.
Distributor Testimonial: “What a blast from the past! A cool, fun twist on an everyday useful item. This is ideal for kids of all ages at schools and trade shows, or you can work off the shape of the product and sell to drainage companies that provide culverts or coil/wire companies.”
– Julie Harms, supplier relations administrator, Halo/Lee Wayne Corporation (asi/356000)
1. Highlighter Set from Gordon Industries Ltd. (asi/57800)
2. Lucky Bamboo from Western Promotions (asi/96673)
Desk Accessories
Drinkware: 22 oz. Clear Reusable Plastic Cup
Supplier: Visstun (asi/93975)
Product Description: Designed to create a visual impact, this cup features high-definition graphics that can be customized for any logo or message. Other sizes of plastic and paper cups are also available.
Distributor Testimonial: “I love that it’s visually arresting. Great inexpensive giveaway that will get used over and over again. We would focus on selling this to clients who do a great deal of training. It certainly makes a statement about being bold and different.”
– Mark Ziskind, COO, CSE (asi/155807)
1. Camelbak Better Bottle from The Allen Co. (asi/34330)
2. Color Shift Full Color Stoneware Mug from World Wide Lines (asi/98290)
Electronics: Emergency Flasher
Supplier: KTI Networks Inc. (asi/63776)
Product Description: This device has six super-bright LEDs that can be seen from a long distance. The built-in magnet in the back allows it to be placed on a vehicle’s roof.
Distributor Testimonial: “This is compact, lightweight and very functional. It’s also colorful and gets noticed. I’d sell to the auto industry in the manufacturing, sales, repair and retail areas and also to associations such as AAA.”
– Steven DaVerne, owner, Interact LLC (asi/231579)
1. Driinn Charging Station from International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)
2. Pre-Programmed Scrolling Message Badge from CleggPromo (asi/45450)
Gift Cards
Gift Cards: Metal Dog Tag
Supplier:CFS Promotions for Now! (asi/42989)
Product Description: More than 3.5 million songs are available on this custom, four-color prepaid download card. Compatible with iPods, MP3 players, PCs and Macs. Custom options like parental controls are available as well.
Distributor Testimonial: “Gift cards have become a common transactional tool in most retail environments. These dog tags I think can be used in more than one way, and that is added value. They are worth cash, and you can use them to advertise, track, gain consumer trends and information. We have been promoting these. Anyone is a target.”
– Memo Kahan, president, PromoShop Inc. (asi/300446)
1. Kinetic Band from MediaTree (asi/70303)
2. Reusable Tote Bag Gift Card from Target
Housewares: Grill Master Apron Kit
Supplier: Gemline (asi/56070)
Product Description: Featuring an insulated adjustable pocket for keeping a beverage cold, this apron is practical for any fan of grilling. There’s also a detachable bottle opener, towel and padded oven mitt.
Distributor Testimonial: “Built-in beverage holder, are you kidding? I need one now. I’d pitch it as a gift with the purchase of a new BBQ to home improvement retailers. I can already see the ad in my Sunday circular.”
– Jeff Holt, vice president of marketing, Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez (asi/145076)
1. MoMA Timesphere Clock from International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)
2. Ice River Rolling Cooler from Magnet LLC (asi/68520)
(tie) Saddle Bag Cooler and Tote from Towel Specialties (asi/91605)
Meeting Products
Meeting Products: Matrix Calculator Portfolio
Supplier:Posh Xessories Inc. (asi/79028)
Product Description: This portfolio includes a nylon exterior pocket and several interior pockets for iPods, iPhones, business cards, flash drives, calculators and more. It comes packaged in an eco-link drawstring fabric gift bag.
Distributor Testimonial: “A great tool and a great medium to advertise your brand. There is a home for the staple pad of paper, business cards, the iPod and USB drives. This is appealing to any business professional who is constantly battling to stay organized.”
– John Henry III, founder, JH Specialty Inc. (asi/232445)
1. Sticky Note Booklet from BIC Graphic USA (asi/40480)
2. Custom Journal from Journalbooks/Timeplanner Calendars (asi/91340)
Sporting Goods: TravelBench Original
Supplier: TravelChair Co. (asi/91916)
Product Description: Eight feet long when it’s expanded, this portable bench seats up to six people (250 lbs. per seat) and then easily folds and stores in a heavy-duty carry bag. No assembly required.
Distributor Testimonial: “I have coached kids’ sports from baseball to soccer to lacrosse for 12 years and I have bought one of these personally. They are a fantastic idea and useful to anyone involved with sports, education, Boy Scouts and more. I’d sell it to schools, sports clubs, youth groups, churches, camps and businesses that sponsor teams.”
– Rod Brown, CFO, MadeToOrder (asi/259540)
1. Morph Ball from Jornik Mfg. Corp. (asi/63549)
2. Cool Mister from Way2Cool Inc. (asi/95735)
Sporting Goods
Watches and Jewelryl

Watches & Jewelry: Lois Hill Cutwork Bracelet
Supplier: Special Markets Marketing (asi/88571)
Product Description: Hand-crafted and made from sterling silver, this bracelet has cutwork tile, spaced with granule work links. Weaving replicates selected cultural styles from around the world.
Distributor Testimonial: “The originality of this bracelet and the quality materials make it ideal for recognizing an employee milestone or as a thank-you to a top client. I would promote this product to the fashion and personal service industries.”
– Greg Muzzillo, CEO, Proforma (asi/300094)
1. MP3 Watch from Gordon Industries Ltd. (asi/57800)
2. Steps of Hope Awareness Shoe Necklace from BizPins Inc. (asi/40595)

Writing Instruments: Post-it Flag Pen and Highlighter Combo
Supplier:3M/Promotional Markets Dept. (asi/91240)
Product Description: Offering three marketing tools, this pen/highlighter combo also has a built-in flag dispenser. A logo can be imprinted on the barrel in up to four colors.
Distributor Testimonial: “This pen is really unique. It would be a good item for trade shows where you could take notes and leave a marker in the page of a catalog that one would pick up. Also, it would be a good item to have at a training session. It could be used to mark pages of any handouts.”
– Tom Kaufman, president, Kaufman & Associates (asi/239350)
1. Logo Projection Pen from Gordon Industries Ltd. (asi/57800)
2. The Motion Pen I from Poppenex (asi/79000)
Writing Instruments

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