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ASI Leadership

Meet the Executive Team at Advertising Specialty Institute.

At left: ASI Chairman Norman Cohn at the 2008 Counselor Awards. More Photos

Norman Unger Cohn

Norman Cohn, chairman of ASI, was born in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1933. He was a senior in high school when he first became involved with promotional products as a distributor.

Matthew Cohn

Vice Chairman of the ASI Family of Companies, Matthew Cohn has launched businesses in publishing, e-commerce, tradeshows and medical information.

Tim Andrews

Timothy M. Andrews is president and chief executive officer of the Advertising Specialty Institute, president of The ASI Show, and vice chairman of ASI Computer Systems, Inc.

Carol Albright

Carol Albright, who joined the company in 1986, is senior vice president of human resources.

Steve Bright

Steve Bright has been executive vice president and general counsel for the Advertising Specialty Institute since 1996, and his work with the Cohn family goes back over 30 years.

Vince Bucolo

Vince Bucolo, chief operating officer, is responsible for all production aspects for magazines, catalogs and marketing materials, customer service, warehouse services, and finance.

Richard Fairfield

Richard Fairfield, Chief Revenue Officer, Publisher and EVP of Marketing and User Experience, joined the Advertising Specialty Institute in 2004. 

Vicky Hain

Victoria Hain joined ASI in October 2006, and is now vice president of member services and support.

Melinda Ligos

Melinda Ligos is Editor In Chief / SR VP, Professional Development. Before joining ASI, she spent more than 13 years at Nielsen Media in New York …

Charles Machion

Charles Machion began working at ASI in 1999 as its senior counsel.

Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn, CPA, joined ASI in February 2008 as the chief financial officer.

Armughan Rafat

Armughan Rafat is EVP of ASI and Chief Technology Officer of the ASI Family of Companies. He oversees the company's technology initiatives and strategy, including the application of emerging technologies to advance the development and delivery of products & platforms serving advertising specialty industry.

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Did You Know?

ASI is the largest marketing and media organization serving the $20.5 billion advertising specialty industry.