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ASI Catalogs give your clients new ideas and countless ways of using promotional products. Did you know that over 75% of active distributors say catalogs are absolutely essential for generating sales? And, successful distributors who use catalogs attribute 49% of their sales to the power of catalogs.

In fact, 55% of online buyers shop with a catalog in hand, and customers keep catalogs and use them for reference, making them more valuable than television, radio and Web-based marketing.

The average catalog is viewed by three prospective customers, and the average sale is $700.

Promoting your brand is easy with catalogs. Make sure you imprint your logo and contact information on your catalogs so you stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds and they contact you for their promotional needs. All ASI Catalogs can be imprinted at any time of the year. Give your catalogs that personal look!

If you want to keep your business top of mind with your clients and prospects, drive people to your Web site and make your telephone ring, then ASI Catalogs are the right choice for your marketing plans.

Catalog Covers

Selling. Marketing. Promoting your brand.

Imprint Your Logo

Imprint your logo on your catalogs any time of the year.

Order more and save!

Order more and save! Order 150 of two or more end-buyer catalogs at once and bundle your savings. Your per-unit cost is based on the total order quantity.

Free alternate cover

Free alternate cover options on Idea Showcase® and Spectrum® catalogs.

Custom Covers

Custom covers are an easy and perfect way to distinguish yourself.

Image-rich Products

Image-rich product pages make it easy for end-buyers to find the perfect items.

Catalog Fulfillment

Catalog fulfillment – we do the work, you get the sales.

Digital catalogs are available on The Apparel Catalog, Spectrum, and The Gift Book®.

Start promoting your brand now. Buy Catalogs