March 2010


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Kathy HustonEditorial:
Innocent Flirting

My husband and I first got together – so to speak – as freshmen in college at a Tau Kappa Epsilon keg party. His line: "What's your major?" My line: I told him I'd buy him a beer (seeing as it was free). That sealed the deal, and here we are a million years later with two teens, an aging cat and a turtle under our belts.


MarketwiseFill in the Blank
Each month from now on, we want you to fill in the blank to complete a thought. My best source of creativity is ______.
Deep Impact
Congratulations! You've landed an account in a sizable organization, and after a couple of successful projects, it's clear that the client is happy with your work. It's time to build on that satisfaction by taking these four steps toward a bigger piece of the pie.
By Robert Carey

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Good, Better, Best
Presenting low-, medium-, and high-end choices often encourages clients to purchase outside their professed budgets. It's simple psychology, folks.
By Shane Dale

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Dan Seidman Funny Side of Sales
A lighthearted look at your crazy career.
By Dan Seidman
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Volume 309 / June 30, 2010