Advertising Specialty Institute Executive Leadership

Norman Cohn - Chairman of the Advertising Specialty Institute | ASI Leaders

Norman Unger Cohn

Norman Cohn, is chairman of the Advertising Specialty Institute®(ASI). He was born in 1933 in Waterloo, Iowa and graduated with a BS and a BA from the University of Northern Iowa.

Matthew Cohn - Vice Chairman | ASI Central - Executives & Leaders

Matthew Cohn

Matthew Cohn is vice chairman of the ASI Family of Companies, composed of ASI Show®, ASI Computer Systems® and the Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI), the largest education, marketing and media organization serving the $21.5 billion advertising specialty industry.

Tim Andrews - President & CEO of ASI | Advertising Specialties Institute Leaders

Tim Andrews

Timothy M. Andrews is president and chief executive officer of the Advertising Specialty Institute®(ASI), the largest education, marketing and media organization serving the $21.5 billion advertising specialty industry.

Carol Albright - VP of Human Resources | ASI Central - Executives & Leaders

Carol Albright

Carol Albright joined the company in 1986 as its first human resources employee. Her contributions and achievements earned her a promotion to ASI's® senior vice president of human resources and a place on the company's President's Council.

Stephen Bright Executive VP | ASI Leaders

Steve Bright

Steve Bright has been executive vice president and general counsel for the Advertising Specialty Institute®(ASI) since 1996, and his work with the Cohn family goes back over 30 years.

Vince Bucolo - Chief Executive Office | ASI Leaders

Vince Bucolo

Vince Bucolo, chief operating officer, is responsible for all production aspects for magazines, catalogs and marketing materials, customer service, warehouse services and finance.

Melinda Ligos - Editor In Chief | ASI Central Executives & Leaders

Melinda Ligos

Melinda Ligos is editor-in-chief and senior VP of professional development. She supervises ASI's® editorial team, which produces the award-winning magazines Counselor®, Advantages®, Supplier Global Resource™, Wearables® and over 100 videos a year; and leading industry research.

Vicky Hain - VP of Member Services & Support | ASI Leaders

Vicky Hain

Vicky Hain joined ASI® in October 2006, and is now vice president of member services and support. She and her management team are responsible for over 130 professionals who provide ASI's® distributor, supplier and decorator members with a variety of operations and support services.

Charles Machion - Senior Vice President | ASI Central Leaders

Charles Machion

Charles "Chuck" Machion began working at ASI® in 1999 as its senior counsel. In 2004, he was promoted to vice president and appointed to ASI® President's Council. In 2011, he was promoted to senior vice president and currently performs all legal work for the company.

Armughan Rafat - Executive Vice President & CTO | ASI Leaders

Armughan Rafat

Armughan Rafat is executive vice president and chief technology officer of the ASI® Family of Companies. He oversees all technology initiatives and strategy, including the application of emerging technologies to advance the development and delivery of products and platforms serving all ASI® businesses.

Rob Watson - Senior Vice President of Marketing and User Experience | ASI Central Leaders

Rob Watson

Rob Watson Rob Watson is ASI’s senior vice president of marketing and user experience. He has spent over 13 years collaborating with B2B executives and key stakeholders to develop, launch, and market consumer-facing products. Rob’s expertise lies in the unification of product development and product marketing, and he has seen success marrying the two lifecycle stages of a product to target unmet market opportunities.

Nancy Carmona - Senior Vice President of Finance | ASI Leaders

Nancy Carmona

Nancy Carmona is ASI’s senior vice president of finance and has over 17 years of experience in financial planning and reporting, with a proven record of productivity and quality. She spearheads our financial planning team, consisting of 10 analysts at various levels, who support ASI’s CEO and COO, as well as other executive managers. She specializes in the development of business operations that drive growth, increase efficiency, and improve profitability.

Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn Mark Quinn is ASI's Chief Financial Officer and has a successful history of managing financial strategy across multiple industries both domestically and internationally. Mark meets all ASI's treasury, financing and accounting needs to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Rita Ugianskis-Fishman

Rita Ugianskis-Fishman

Rita Ugianskis-Fishman Rita is the Vice President and General Manager of ASI Show®, and is responsible for all strategic initiatives and expansion opportunities within this branch of ASI. Each year, approximately 20,000 distributors, representing the vast majority of total industry sales, attend ASI Shows.

Chris Lovell

Chris Lovell

Chris Lovell Chris has been with ASI for 24 years and currently works as our Senior Vice President of Sales. She has devoted her career to working with industry suppliers and helping them increase their profits by positioning their firms for long-term success.

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