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Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, is a growing $20.5 billion dollar industry and are used by nearly every business in America. Businesses use mugs, pens and t-shirts imprinted with their logo as an affordable way to create a memorable impression and increase brand awareness. With so many businesses buying promotional products, there is a booming opportunity for professionals like you looking to create new wealth or open a new market.

The promotional products industry is organized by a supply chain comprised of powerful players including distributors, suppliers, decorators, etc., that contribute to the rapid growth of the industry.

Why ASI? Promoting Your Success. This is what ASI is all about.

Advertising Specialty Industry® (ASI) is the world's largest organization serving the promotional products industry. For the last 60+ years, our experts have worked to provide you with prospecting, marketing and selling elements to help maximize your success. ASI® makes being successful in the industry easy and manageable.  We have already created a built-in community for buyers and sellers  with ESP, the #1 sourcing database used in the industry. When you become an ASI member, you become part of this built-in community and network, and in turn all of the tangible benefits our membership provides.

See below to identify which type of membership most suits you.

Membership for Promotional Products Distributors | ASI Central

Distributor Membership

Do you have what it takes to sell promotional products and join a booming $20.5 billion dollar industry? There’s no big investment…no inventory to carry…no equipment to buy…no sales experience required. Best of all, as an ASI member, you have a distinct advantage over your competitors to help boost your profit potential.

We’ll supply you with all the tools you need to succeed—including insider industry information, business tools and world-class education that other industry organizations cannot or will not provide.

Team up with ASI and you’ll see exactly how to…
  • Grow your business with # 1 sourcing tool in the industry. You’ll have instant access to ASI’s comprehensive database of the largest searchable promotional product selection collection from more than 3,200 suppliers.

  • Promote your business 24/7 with your own website using your choice of ASI’s professionally designed templates and deliver a world-class shopping experience to your clients.

  • Benefit from tips and proven, personal advice to earn 40% profit selling products from your own home, on your schedule.

  • Enjoy exclusive ASI members-only discounts, which can save you about $4,000 per year.

  • Free admission to all ASI trade shows that will help build your network to deliver new product ideas to your clients.

Membership for Promotional Products Suppliers | ASI Central

Supplier Membership

Do you produce a product that could be a great promotional product? Do you already sell into the retail market and are looking to expand into a new market? Answer Yes, then you belong with ASI.

Whether you produce one product or thousands, we have an ASI membership that's the perfect fit to help you become successful. By becoming one of our elite supplier members, you are immediately tapped into the industry's #1 most powerful media and marketing engine. We supply you with the necessary means to not only expand, but also sustain your business. ASI provides the tools and support they need to be successful.

There is a reason hundreds of new suppliers join ASI every year. More and more businesses are realizing the potential by opening a new market.

Activate your membership today!

Team up with ASI and you’ll see exactly how to…
  • Open up a new sales channel. 71% of ASI suppliers revenue comes from selling promotional products.

  • Leverage our growing network. Suppliers work with an average of 1,506 distributors, with an average order size of $1,050.

  • Benefit from tips and proven, personal advice to earn 35% profit selling products as a promotional product.

  • Market with our full suite of advertising solutions. As a new member, we provide a kick-start advertising solution.

  • Become the Supplier of choice with our step-by-step Training guide, a complete educational series that gives you a jump start on what you can expect in the industry.

Membership for Decorators - Promotional Products Suppliers & Distributors | Join ASI

Decorator Membership

Do you know the two most popular types of decorating methods? It’s embroidery or screenprinting. Do you provide these or decorating solutions perfect for a promotional product?

Then ASI has a membership package for you. End buyers are looking for a one-stop solution. When you join ASI as a decorator, you enable distributors and suppliers to become the ultimate one-stop shop by including your service in their complete solution. Become a decorator with ASI and  become a part of this powerful supply chain.

Team up with ASI and discover where you fit within our industry. To start, ask yourself…
  • How do you see yourself? As a distributor with a decorator service or a supplier with a decorator service? Both types of membership give you FREE access to our national trade show, a FREE subscription to Stitches and a FREE copy of FAST Find.

  • How do you want to market? For just $30 more a month, the Supplier Decorator package enables you to not only join but market your services with a kick-start advertising solution.

Equipment Membership | Join ASI -  Promotional Products Suppliers & Distributors

Equipment Membership

For companies who sell embroidery or screenprinting equipment, this is the membership package for you.  Our powerful network of 25,000 ASI members are always looking to expand their services for their customers.

With the equipment membership, ASI enables you to market your products directly to ASI Distributors and suppliers who are looking for equipment solutions. Our equipment packages provides a full suite of marketing services to help get your products seen among the decision maker and purchasers of the industry.

Team up with ASI and learn how your products can be part of the bigger solution.
  • It’s all about the right audience. Whether you are looking for screenprinters, embroiderers or all suppliers, we have  a customized equipment packages suitable for your audience.

  • More exposure to the right audience. Each equipment membership package combines the best of supplier membership benefits WITH an expanded advertising marketing campaign. This is more exposure, over more time, to the specific audience you are looking for.

Making You Money: What ASI is all about.

Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a $20.5 billion dollars industry and are used by virtually every business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort like prime time TV, magazines and radio.

With so many businesses buying ad specialties there is a huge opportunity for professionals looking to make great money running a promotional products distributorship. It’s easy and inexpensive to get started and you can work from home.

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  • A business opportunity to reinvent your career in an exciting field
  • Work at home - for yourself - not by yourself
  • Make money selling ad specialties
  • Partner with a time-tested industry leader
  • Get started instantly with all the tools you need