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Vegas Gold, Snappy Polos & Guayabera Shirts

Well, the leaves are starting to change and there is less red in the thermometer here in Maine, but ol’ Phil’s product finding powers are just starting to heat up! So if apparel or promotional products questions have you stumped – or if you’re just too distracted by the new football season – don’t worry! Send your questions my way and I’ll rake you up some answers. And, by the way, if you’d like to go a-product hunting yourself, become an ASI Decorator Member with ESP. You’ll have access to every item in the wearables and promotional products industry from 3,000-plus reputable suppliers! Dial ‘em up! (800) 546-1388.

Q: Hi Phil, I’m having trouble finding items in Vegas Gold, such as long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts and youth- and adult-size hoodies. Can you help? –Tony, Forza Sports

A: Hi there Tony, Mining for gold sure is painstaking, but it has its shiny rewards. Instead of prospecting out in pioneer land, try looking at SanMar (asi/84863); (206) 727-3200; The supplier’s Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt, product 2000, is available in the elusive shade. Bodek and Rhodes (asi/40788); (215) 673-6767;; carries a Badger Adult B-Dry Core Long-Sleeve Performance Tee (product 4104) and a long-sleeve mock turtleneck (product 9655), both of which come in Vegas Gold.

As for the adult hoodie, check out S&S Activewear (asi/84358); (630) 679-9940; The Badger Hooded Sweatshirt with Sport Shoulders, product 1254, comes in the color of the bright Nevada treasure. Finally, Broder Bros (asi/42090); (215) 291-6140;; is having a closeout on Vegas Gold for product 996Y – Jerzees Youth 8-oz. NuBlend 50/50 Pullover Hood. Get it while you still can. Happy Digging!

Selling Tip: Associated with the glamorous Las Vegas Strip, Vegas Gold is a good color choice for clients looking to inject a bit of glitz into their apparel.

Q: Hi Phil, I have a request from a longtime customer who has to make changes to his shirts; he works in construction and does inside food manufacturing setup. His polo shirts are no longer allowed to have buttons. He has asked me to find a polo with snaps. I can only find full snap-down collared shirts. Do you know where to find a polo with just a few snaps? Thanks – Destiny

A: Hi Destiny, Not to worry, I found just what you need! Check out SanMar (asi/84863); (800)-346-3369; Product OG102 is a 100% polyester polo with a three-snap square placket and stay-cool wicking technology, so your client won’t get sweaty on the job. See how that works out, and good luck!

Selling Tip: When appropriate, offer clients both button polos and polos with snaps that have performance features like stay-cool wicking technology. By giving customers more options, you position yourself as an expert and stand a better chance of impressing them.

Q: Hi Phil, I’m trying to gain a customer in the restaurant business. They are looking for Guayabera or Cubavera type Mexican shirts. I’ve never heard of them until now; I Googled some businesses, but I need a wholesale company that provides these. Can you help? You’re the best! – Debbi

A: Hola Debbi, Serve this restaurant by checking out Bodek and Rhodes (asi/ 40788); (215) 673-6767; This supplier carries the style for ladies (product C100) and men (product CM176). Apparelstar Inc (asi/36539); (702) 269-4521;; offers the shirt (product AS-5000), as does Foxfire Inc (asi/55235); (360) 4584111; (product 321). Finally, get the fiesta going with My Stores Inc (asi/72700); (305) 235-3635;; product C9WGY0513 is for ladies. This supplier also carries youth sizes and long-sleeve options. No website is given, but definitely give them a call/e-mail. ¡Viva Mexico!

Selling Tip: Inspired by the color and vibrancy of Hispanic culture, these shirts make a natural sell to any business or organization branded with a Latino image. The shirt styles are a natural, too, for events with a Hispanic theme.

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