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The most up-to-date list of top industry vendors' apparel, decorating equipment, software, supplies and more to help you grow your business this year.

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Expand and Contract

Despite dealing with low margins and high pressure, a number of decorators still thrive by eschewing direct sales and focusing only on contract work. Read More

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Andy Shuman, general manager of Topton, PA-based Rockland Embroidery (asi/734150), discusses some of the challenges of contract decorating in an increasingly competitive marketplace and share the characteristics of successful contractors.


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From the Editor's Desk:

Forward-Thinking CEOs

Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy, the domain-registration company, is successful in part because he hires people he trusts and lets them do their jobs.


A popular T-shirt design morphs into successful California music festival with associated merch store; and a Virginia shop targets summer camps with promotion.

Apparel Trends

Camo/military, cadmium orange and mesh.

Ask an Expert

An expert shares tips on how to add lettering and numbering techniques on a budget.

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