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  • Processing Cotton


    The cotton is harvested with a "cotton stripper," which pulls everything off the stalk.

  • Processing Cotton


    It then gets loaded into a cotton module builder.

  • Processing Cotton


    A module of cotton is essentially a giant block of cotton (shaped like a loaf of bread) that enables large amounts of cotton to be transported easily. From here, it gets sent to the cotton gin.

  • Processing Cotton


    It arrives at the gin, where the cotton is processed to remove seeds and assorted "trash" (sticks, stems, burrs, etc.).

  • Processing Cotton


    After it goes through the gin, the cotton (now cleaned of its seeds and stems) gets wrapped into a bale (about 500 pounds) and loaded onto a truck.

  • Processing Cotton


    The bales arrive at the warehouse in Lubbock, where it is stored and later shipped to spinners like Parkdale Mills.

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