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Seed to Shirt
Growing Cotton
Processing Cotton
The Textile Process -- Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing
The Cut-and-Sew Process
  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    At STAR, the fabric lots arrive and are marked with a six-digit tracking number to prepare them for the cut-and-sew process.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    A machine unloads the fabric with a quarter-turn and lays it in long rows on a table.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    Next, a piece of cardboard with tiny perforations is laid over top, and chalk is rubbed on top of it. The chalk falls through and marks the fabric where it will be cut.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    The dotted chalk marks on the fabric indicate where it should be cut.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    An automatic saw cuts through the fabric and leaves rolls of T-shirt bodies and sleeves that will later be sewn together. At this point the fabric hardly resembles a T-shirt.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    The cut fabric is tied up into bundles that will be sent over to the sewing lines.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    The fabric now goes through the sewing process. The bottom is hemmed, the shoulders are joined, the collar is attached, and the sleeves and necktape are added.

  • The Cut-and-Sew Facility


    Lastly, the shirt is given a final inspection to make sure all the stitching is correct.

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