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Hot New Products

The industry's hottest products and coolest designs, presented to you by the one and only Joe Haley. Twice weekly Joe showcases the latest and greatest promotional products the industry has to offer. Want to know what's smokin' hot? Stay tuned to The Joe Show.


From Stanley Strikeout to ASI employees performing Michael Jackson's Thriller, ASI-TV has a wealth of videos guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Want to see some of the funniest outtakes and bloopers ASI-TV has to offer? Stay tuned to our Fun videos.

Sales Tips

Each week Advantages' Editor Kathy Huston drops us some knowledge on everything from return on investment to prospecting. Want the latest industry sales tips and advice? Stay tuned to the Advantages Hot Deals Sales Tip of the Week!

Industry News

Keep your fingers on the pulse of the promotional products industry with our weekly Counselor PromoGram Industry Update, presented every Thursday by Dave Vagnoni.

Fashion & Apparel

From Fashion Finds to behind-the-scenes photo shoots, ASI-TV is all over promotional product fashion and apparel. Want to know what they're wearing in the industry? Stay tuned to our Fashion and Apparel videos, compliments of Stitches and Wearables magazines.

Media Clips

Reporters from around the world are interested in learning more about the advertising specialty industry. Check out some recent video clips from various media outlets
across the country discussing the power
of promotional products.
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