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Advantages™ Hot Deals Newsletter Volume 151 / October 17, 2007
Keeping you in the loop on products and deals you may not have heard about.
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Hey, pals! Guess what? Now you can click on the video link you see here and get a sales tip each week from little ol' me. I am new TO these video shenanigans and I would have put on some lipstick if I wasn't ambushed early this morning and forced to do this. Also, keep in mind, we don't have "Oprah lighting" here at ASI ...  only the fabulous flourescence of my office. Speaking of fabulous, take a look at the following products and specials, too. Enjoy!
Sales Tip of the Week
Sales Tip of the Week

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– Kathy Huston, editor 

Is There a Doctor in the House?
The Pitch: Sometimes a cold beverage is just what the doctor ordered. And here's a cool beverage wrap your doctor client might just order. Item #CF-DOC looks like a doctor's lab coat (with stethoscope around the neck) and the arms stick out on each side. Slap this on a Yuengling lager and that's the kind of medicine I'm talking about. Sales pricing starts at: Qty.-150; list price-$1.69; price code-R. From American Zebra Line (asi/35745). Web address: Expires 12/31/07.
The Bottom Line: Cool can cooler.

Snappy Strappy
The Pitch: Time is literally on your side, or purse, or suitcase, etc. with item #ALED from

A 1 Promo (asi/30199). It's a nifty little LED clock attached to a strap that can snap on to any of the above-mentioned items. It comes in a variety of colors; even pink for girls on the go. On sale at: Qty.-50; list price-$5.50; price code-R. The price includes one-position silkscreen imprint. Unique idea for business and travel clients. Web address: Expires 12/31/07.
The Bottom Line: Time travel.

Hanky Panky
The Pitch: When we were teenagers, my sister and I, who lived in Harrison, NJ, called kids from neighboring town, Kearny, NJ "hanky-heads," because many of them wore bandannas. (We both wound up marrying hanky-heads from Kearny). Bandanna-lovers realize these items can make for neat promotions, sure, but how about scented bandannas? Even better! They are from Caro-Line/Bandanna Promotions (asi/44020); item # B22ARO-0. The fragrance will not wash out. To activate the fragrance, simply wrinkle the fabric. Colors/scent choices include: Lavender with Lavender scent; Periwinkle with Wildflower scent; Strawberry with Strawberry scent; Woodland Camo with Eucalyptus scent; Pink Camo with Peppermint scent. Pricing starts

at: Qty.-144; list price-$3.95; price code-R. Web address:
The Bottom Line: Get a whiff of this.

Ruff Day
The Pitch: Is Fluffy having a bad hair day? No worries. Jacobson Hat co. Inc. (asi/63090) has a pigment-dyed, embroidered cotton dog cap (item #A21074). I'm not kidding; check it out on their Web site. The dog in the picture is also wearing sunglasses, so you know he is one cool cat…um, I mean, never mind. Colors are khaki and olive (nice for an Irish setter), as well as navy (good on a greyhound, no?). Pricing starts at: Qty.-72; list price-$10.34; price code-P. Web address:
The Bottom Line: Get their tails wagging.

Because They're Cousins…
The Pitch: You know what weird thing I read today? Allegedly, according to his wife Lynne, Dick Cheney is Barack Obama's eighth cousin.

You know campaign promotions are heating up when crazy stories start coming out of the woodwork. OTC/Lauren-Spencer Inc. (asi/74778) has more political gems. Specifically, I found red, white and blue rhinestone donkey and elephant pins (items RSP1363-M and RSP1364-MG, respectively), which would be great items for pinning down voters on both sides. Check with supplier for pricing. Web address:
The Bottom Line: Stick it.

Deal of the Week

- Mini Flat Mouse

Exclusively from Crown Products (asi/47700)

Lower Prices on the Mini Flat Mouse
While Supplies Last!!!

Was $21.99, now $12.59(c) for 25 or more!!!

Price good through 12/31/2007.

Please Visit for more details.

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