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Create a Website Masterpiece

With over 664 million active websites on the Internet today, it can be tough for businesses to stand out. In the past, distributors only needed to worry about local competition; with today’s ever-expanding e-Commerce culture, entrepreneurs find themselves selling against national and even international competitors.

For those distributors who want to “up their game,” ASI is proud to introduce ESP Website Custom Packages. There are three packages available, starting at just $299. The digital team at ASI handles everything, ensuring simplicity and efficiency. Both easy and affordable, each package is designed to bring additional “wow” factor for a low, one-time fee.

If you’ve been considering adding some pop and sparkle to your current website and would like to see samples of our sites, please visit

Stop Price Shopping with Your ESP Website

Have you heard the news? In June, ESP Websites released another set of upgrades. The exciting new features include uniquely coded product numbers for every distributor.

In the past, clients could find products from one distributor, and then seek out more aggressive pricing from other distributors selling the same product. ESP Webites' new “scrambled” product numbers eliminate the possibility of comparative shopping from one distributor to the next by means of product code.

As an added bonus, this feature extends to distributor presentations and of course, ESP Websites.
The result: customers can always find the items they are seeking within all of your ASI-supplied products and services; but they won’t find them anywhere else!

Don’t Miss the Bus

Pick up your #2 pencils because it’s time for a pop quiz: True or False? Education is the number- two market in the promotional products industry. The answer is TRUE!

How can you tap into industry-leading niche markets such as this? Consider Company Stores as part of a three step marketing plan:

  1. Select one of our professionally designed store templates (in this case, our school store).
  2. Stock your virtual store with merchandise from one of our pre-populated product collections OR create your own collection.
  3. Customers can browse and buy on-the-spot since all of our stores are e-Commerce enabled.

To learn more about how a minor investment can grow into a major money-maker, visit

Get Ready for ESP Websites!
The all-new ESP Websites are built for sales. Powered by the most robust and accurate search engine in the industry, your ESP Website is ready to go in just minutes. Visit for more details.

Advertisement: Hanes


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