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ESP Tips
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ESP Tips
June 26, 2014

3 Easy Ways To Access ESP

Speed is the essence of any successful and efficient business. And with ESP, we developed three easy ways to get you into the program and product searches quicker. Check out these three options that, with a few clicks you can begin your search.

1. All NEW: ESP Desktop Shortcut

Like any other computer program you currently use, you can install a shortcut on your desktop. The simple process places an icon on your desktop and will save you time logging in to ESP. By clicking the shortcut you skip the ESP Web login page without having to type in your username and password; it remembers it for you. Learn more here!

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2. Keep Me Logged In

If you're like everyone else, you visit a variety of business and personal websites that require you to log in with a username and password. But for security reasons, tech heads say you shouldn't use the same password on every site you visit. And since they also advise you not to write down the password, remembering so many can send you to the medicine cabinet looking for a little headache relief. ESP's got you covered. On the login page, select "Keep me logged in." When you select this option you'll remain logged into ESP Web and won't have to remember your username and password. In fact, ESP Web will keep you logged in, even if you are inactive for long periods of time.

3. Bookmark ESP

Quickly, what's the ESP URL? At times remembering every URL that's important to you can be like remembering the phone book. So, unless you're Rainman you might forget from time to time. ESP's "Bookmark This Page" selection will immediately add ESP to your browser bookmarks. You'll never have to remember the ESP URL again.

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Bonus Tips

Shipping Estimator: With this new feature you'll have daily shipping rates for every product and all major carriers at your fingertips.

Coded Product Numbers: Create and share end-buyer safe product numbers that are individualized for your company. In addition to being able to use them on your website and in presentations to create a more personalized experience for your end-buyers, it also keeps them from shopping your ideas to your competitors.

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