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ESP Tips
ESP Tips
September 17, 2014
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Your #1 Defense Against Price-Shopping

ESP Websites is always improving to give distributors the best experience possible. The latest upgrade? Unique product numbers for every distributor.

What’s the Benefit?

In the past, clients could find products from one distributor, and then seek out more aggressive pricing from other distributors selling the same product.

ESP Websites’ new “scrambled” product numbers eliminate the possibility of comparative shopping from one distributor to the next by means of a product code.

As an added bonus, this feature even extends to a distributor’s presentations, and of course, ESP Websites. In fact, even if you have additional ESP Websites users in your company, every user under one ASI number will share the same, unique coded product numbers.

The result: customers can always find the items they are seeking within all of your ASI-supplied products and services; but they won’t find them anywhere else!

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