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ESP Tips
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ESP Tips
August 20, 2014

Find Products Faster with Advanced Search!

Make navigation a breeze and narrow down your search in ESP by incorporating these easy-to-learn tips.

Click on the "Advanced Search" link below the Quick Search button.

In the top portion of the Product Advanced Search, there are boxes that include: ALL of the words, ANY of the words, and Exact Phrase.

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  • The ALL of the words is a logical "AND" search, meaning that all the words that are searched must be in the product's details. For example, if you entered "C-handle ceramic blue mug," every product in the search results would need to have all those search terms in its details.
  • The ANY of the words search which is a logical "OR" search, meaning that any of the words that are searched could be in the product's details.
  • The Exact Phrase search enables you to enter a series of words in this box that will result in items that include these specific keywords, in this order. For example, if you type in “Free Set Up” in this field, each of these products will include the phrase "free set up" on their product detail page.

In the Additional Criteria section, select if the price range is the Price, Net Cost, or Profit, and then enter the Price From, Price To and a Quantity. This helps you find products for End Buyers on a budget.

In the Product Options section, we can search by Category. Start typing the category you would like to search by, and the available categories will display. The application does a letter-for-letter partial match of the information that’s typed. Make sure you select or click on the category to use it in your search.

There are also search fields for Color, Imprint Method, Material, Shape, Size, and Theme. Enter values in any of these fields to show a menu of available options to include in your search.

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The final section is where the Supplier Rating and Preferred Supplier Only options are located.

The Preferred Supplier rank section enables to you to check which level of preferred suppliers you would like to include in your results. Mark one level, or mark multiple levels. Clicking in the different levels will only show results from the selected rank, all other results will be hidden.

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