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Hot or Not

In Counselor's July Apparel issue we picked the looks of various celebs and then asked industry apparel experts how their style could translate in the promotional market. Do you agree with them? Take our poll!

Brad Pitt - Neutral Color Pallet

"His choice is reflective of the overall trend towards neutrals in the market. This is something that I do see translating into the promotional product market." - Brian Thompson, vice president and general manager corporate, golf, international and domestic licensing divisions, Cutter & Buck Inc. (asi/47965)  

Demi Moore - Royal Blues

"The color of the dress is certainly vivid. Clients often want their staff to stand out or match a corporate color." - Eric Rubin, president, Blue Generation (asi/40653)

Kate Moss - Fashion Derailed

"Not too many women can pull off the wide stripes you see on Kate Moss in this photo, and metallic colors probably wouldn't survive in the branded apparel selection for Corporate America." - Lori Anderson, marketing manager, River's End Trading Company (asi/82588)

Drew Barrymore - Stripes

"Want to capture a crowd's attention instantly and look fashion forward at the same time – stripes is the way to go!" - Samantha Bingham, director of sales & product development, In Your Face Apparel (asi/62494)

Christina Aguilera - Leopard Print

"Unless the message was 'attack,' stealth-related, or marketing a zoo, I can't imagine these types of prints being embraced by Corporate America."
- Mary Ellen Hudicka, director of marketing, Bodek and Rhodes (asi/40788)

Lady Gaga - Outlandish Duds

“I didn’t realize that my grandmother’s toaster covers were back in style – and in adult sizes." - Becky Yaniro, Sales, Leed's (asi/66887)

Molly Sims - Glam, Jeweled Necklines

"I do not see it translating into this industry" - Danny Tsai, Tri-Mountain/Mountain Gear (asi/92125)

Lisa Rinna - Florals Make the Grade

"The print itself is absolutely not only trend-right but very adapable to shirts with corporate logos." - Gabrielle Rohde, vice president, Rohde Royce Inc. (asi/83278)

Ciara - Ripped to Shreds

"I'm thinking that 99% of the workforce would be sent home if they showed up in ripped denim of any kind." - Gina Barreca, marketing manager, Vantage (asi/90518)

Michelle Obama - Safe or Sorry?

"I love this look - it is classic. From the promotional products stand point the color itself would work in the corporate markets easily." - Alisa Buckner, marketing manager, Dunbrooke (asi/50930)

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