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A one-time $150 Application Fee applies to process your new Application and assign your company its ASI Number.

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A. Agriculture & Farming
B. Clubs, Associates, Civic Groups, Non Profits
C. Financial (banks, S&L, credit unions)
D. Government agencies
E. Schools, colleges, universities, etc.
F. Insurance companies and agencies
G. Utilities
H. Industrial Products
I. Clothing, Appliances, Soft goods, Mfgs
J. Food, Tobacco, Sundries
K. Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies
L. Political parties and candidates
M. Retail (stores, shopping centers)
N. Professional Offices (Lawyers, Doctors)
O. Marketing Services (ad agencies)
P. Service businesses (real estate, personnel)
Q. Transportation (Airlines, Freight companies)
R. Wholesalers
S. Construction companies
T. Health and Medical
U. Recreation (Theaters, Bowling, etc)
V. Automotive dealers & Mfgs.
W. Hospitality (resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc)
X. Manufacturing
Y. Media (Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines)
Z. Sports Related (Professional Teams)
1. Technology (Computers, Software Mfgs/Internet, Web Developers)
Product Lines:
(select up to 5)
A. Auto Accessories
B. Awards, Trophies & Plaques
C. Badges, Buttons
D. Calendars and timepieces
E. Plastic (non-vinyl)
F. Food, Edibles
G. Emblematic jewelry
H. Industrial and safety items
I. Glass and ceramic products (crystal)
J. Housewares and home products (flashlights, cutlery, etc)
K. Inflatables (balloons, etc)
L. Electronic/computer products
M. Office and desk products
N. Paper products (Pocket reminders, diaries)
O. Cards (business, greeting and stationery), Signs & displays
P. Sports Accessories (Bottles, coolers, equipment, golf balls, etc)
Q. Toys & stuffed Animals
R. Vinyl (pocket, desk, home)
S. Wearables (Caps, jackets, shirts, etc)
T. Writing instruments
U. Key tags
V. Health, safety and environmental products
W. Travel products
X. Magnetic products
Y. Cups and mugs
Z. Decals, transfers, emblems
1. Bags (Canvas, Tote, Paper, Plastic, etc)
2. Umbrellas/sunglasses
3. Party Products (Balloons, Napkins, Plates, etc)
4. Personal Care, Beauty Products
5. Phone calling cards

* Please answer yes or no to the following questions.
All of the questions pertain to you and the company for whom you are submitting the ASI membership application. 

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2. The majority (51%) of the advertising specialties the company plans to buy are for re-sale and not for my company nor for any person or a company affiliated with my company (other than as a paying customer). 
yes    no.

3.  My company is a for-profit re-seller of advertising specialties, or related items, such as printed promotional items, trophies, awards, imprinted apparel, screen-printed or embroidered items, signs and other related items.
yes   no.

4. I agree that upon request, I will provide the number of invoices and other information ASI requests in order to demonstrate that I am a re-seller of advertising specialties or related items, such as printed promotional items, trophies, awards, imprinted apparel, screen-printed or embroidered items, signs and other related items consistent with membership requirements. I understand that a failure to do so may result in the de-listing of the company as an ASI member.
yes   no.

5.  I work solely for the company applying for membership. 
yes   no.

6.  If the answer to Question No. 5 is “no” what is the name of the other company you work for?

7.  If the above conditions should change, I will inform ASI of the change.
yes   no.

8.  Individual’s Name (filling out the online form): 

9. Email address: 

10. I certify that the answers I have provided above and in the ASI Membership Application are true and accurate.  If ASI determines otherwise, I understand that ASI, in it sole discretion, may de-list my company as an ASI member.

* My company is a distributor/reseller of ad specialties or related business and is a for profit entity under U.S. state or federal law. The majority of ad specialties we distribute or will distribute are for re-sale to customers that are not owned, operated, controlled, franchised, affiliated, or connected to our company.
  I would like to receive promotional product specials from ASI suppliers
* I agree to the terms and conditions


Please submit your online application by clicking on submit. If you have any questions please call 800-546-6334.