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Frequently asked questions about the Advertising Specialty Institute Certification Program.

A: The Advertising Specialty Institute has launched the Advertising Specialty Institute Certification Program, the industry’s only free certification program, created on a highly user-friendly digital platform.

The Advertising Specialty Institute Certification Program offers two certification levels:

BASI (Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information)

BASI certification courses serve as a solid foundation for all ASI distributors, suppliers and decorators. The BASI curriculum will arm them with the fundamental knowledge they need to thoroughly understand and navigate the promotional products marketplace profitably, and develop solid relationships with their colleagues that will help them prosper in the industry.

MASI (Master of Advertising Specialty Information)

MASI certification courses provide ASI distributors, suppliers and decorators with advanced knowledge of the advertising specialty industry. MASI holders are recognized as the true industry experts who’ve cultivated profitable and collaborative relationships with distributors, suppliers and decorators. This designation is a testament to their contributions to the advertising specialty industry.

A: More than 300 people have achieved these prestigious distinctions.

A: Over 17,000.

A: Participation in the Advertising Specialty Institute Certification Program is user-friendly and hassle-free. All live and online courses are automatically tracked electronically via our proprietary digital campus (, so participants can easily access their transcripts and remaining course requirements. You can begin the program immediately by taking online courses at ASI Education Online Learning Center (get started at To learn more, click here.

A: Yes. We’ll accept courses candidates completed at ASI Shows and at major industry and regional events, retroactively to 2008. All courses completed on the ASI Education Online Learning Center prior to beginning the program (plus attending the 2010 ASI Power Summit) have been applied to candidates’ transcripts. For a complete list of the industry education courses that count toward BASI and MASI certification, click here.

A: Effective November 1, 2010, with the launch of a full slate of online and live educational offerings, we started accepting transcripts for courses completed retroactively to 2008. (Attendees of the 2010 ASI Power Summit, November 7-9, 2010, automatically received credit on their transcript for that event.) Each transcript will be individually reviewed and points eligible for transfer will be reflected in the candidate’s transcript report. In the rare event that courses completed aren’t eligible for transfer, a member of the ASI Education department will contact the candidate. E-mail your transcript or course information to

A: To keep your Advertising Specialty Institute BASI or MASI certification current, you must complete an additional 25 points every three years (five years for MASI recertification) after your initial certification or recertification date. For complete recertification requirements, click here.

A: A candidate can view their individual course status on the main page of the Online Learning Center. Once a course has been successfully completed, students can view this information immediately either in their transcript report or on the main page of their course listing.

A: It’s free for ASI members to get BASI- or MASI-certified. ASI, which invests $1.3 million annually to educate its members, will cover the estimated annual cost of $100,000 to support this certification program.

A: Yes, benefits for ASI members who earn BASI and MASI certifications include:

  • Frameable BASI/MASI certificate and logos for self-promotional use
  • Invitations to exclusive cocktail receptions at The ASI Show
  • VIP access to select events, such as Keynotes at The ASI Show
  • Receive advance copies of ASI surveys and research
  • Participate in exclusive quarterly conference calls with ASI President and CEO Timothy Andrews
  • Frameable BASI or MASI certificate for display
  • Authorization to use BASI or MASI designation with their professional titles
  • Recognition of their BASI/MASI certification in ASI magazines and enewsletters
For a complete list of benefits, click here.

A: In such a competitive economy, advertising specialty distributors, suppliers and decorators need the skills to out-think, out-perform and out-service the competition. For years, our members have asked us to create a certification program to lay a strong foundation for advertising specialty professionals. In 2010 alone, 4,600 distributors took more than 16,000 live education courses at The ASI Show, making ASI the largest educator in the industry. With the demand for such a program stronger than ever – and the comprehensive live and online ASI Education curriculum we offer for free to members – this is the perfect time to launch an industry certification program for novices and veterans alike. For a complete description of the BASI and MASI certification program, click here.

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