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LogoMall Network wants you to be successful. It helps you every step of the way by offering the following marketing support:

FREE Special Service

If you have a special offer you want promoted, the LogoMall Network will post your specials directly to all participating Distributors through ASI Secure.  To post specials, go to, enter the supplier section, click on resources and then select e-specials. Your LogoMall Network password is required.

Easy Access to Monthly Hit Reports

Monthly hit/impression reports for your Web Catalog, category listing and banner ads are available online. Your hits report will serve as a valuable tool in planning your future marketing strategies. Go to, enter the supplier section and click on hit reports. Your LogoMall Network password is required.

Advertising and are the largest, most highly trafficked promotional products shopping sites on the Web, receiving millions of hits every month.

LogoMall Network drives traffic to and with:

  • National print advertising
  • Direct Mail Card Decks
  • Web banner advertising and search engine listing updates
  • Extensive public relations campaign
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