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ASI SmartSales Tutorials

Accessing ASI SmartSales

Review this tutorial first to learn how to access ASI SmartSales.

Adding an Account

Ready to add your customers? Click here to review a short tutorial on entering your accounts.

Adding Contacts

Contacts are the people associated with your Accounts and Opportunities. Watch this tutorial to learn how to add and link your contacts.

Leads & Opportunities

Adding leads and tracking opportunities. This tutorial shows you how to enter your leads, turn them into opportunities and stay organized!

Outlook Integration

In this short tutorial, you will learn where and how to download a plug-in to integrate Outlook with your CRM.

Outlook Appointments, Tasks and Contacts Integration

Watch this tutorial to learn how to install software that will synchronize your CRM Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks with your Microsoft Outlook.

Preparing Your Data for Import

Getting your clients, contacts and leads added to your CRM is quick and simple. First thing to do, watch this tutorial about preparing your data.

Importing Your Data

Now that you have prepared your data, it's time to import it. View this tutorial to learn the steps to quickly import you clients, contact, and leads.

Exporting Data

Not only can you import your customer data, you can also export your lists for use in other applications. In this tutorial, you will learn how to export data such as contacts, accounts, orders and more!

Sales Campaigns Training Tutorials

Accessing and Navigating Sales Campaigns

Review this tutorial first to learn how to access and move through your email marketing tool.

Creating Sales Campaigns Contacts

Every email campaign needs recipients. Watch this tutorial to learn how to add or import contacts.

Managing Your Library

Learn how to upload images, create content and manage templates in this 4 minute tutorial.

Sending and Analyzing your Sales Campaigns

Ready to send your email campaign? Watch this tutorial to learn how!

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