ESP Orders


Frequently asked questions about ESP Orders.

You can contact us at 800-546-1350, option 2, or email us at Product Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Q: What do I need to use ESP Orders?
A: There is no charge for you to reap the benefits of distributors being able to send you instant orders. You can click here or you can email Liz Kennedy at – she will set your company up with it’s free version and schedule training.

Q: Is ESP Orders now available for both PCs and MACs?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I get multiple copies of ESP Orders for my employees?
A: Yes! Any supplier who would like access to ESP Orders will be able to sign up for a free login and access.


Q: How can I make sure that I receive my orders from ESP Orders?
A: The only thing we need from you to clear the pathway for you to receive client orders through the new ESP Orders portal is a valid, accurate e-mail address for you or someone at your company – a real person who can monitor the e-mails sent from ASI and assure distributors that their orders are being filled. Just e-mail us at and specify the e-mail address you’d like setup to receive orders from distributors.

Q: How will ESP Orders arrive?
A: You’ll see orders e-mailed directly to your inbox from each distributor and a subject line like the following: "Purchase Order from Geiger."

Q: Will suppliers show a logo if they support ESP Orders?
A: All suppliers will be able to receive orders.

Q: From a supplier standpoint, do you transmit these orders via ASI Transact or some other electronic way for us to get the order from the distributor?
A: The orders will either come to a supplier through Email or Fax for Release 1. The next supplier release will include the Order Manager module where you will be able to download the order directly from ESP.


Q: Where can I get training on ESP Updates?
A: You can click here or you can email Liz Kennedy at – she will set your company up with it’s free version and schedule training.

Q: What is ESP Orders?
A: This will allow distributors to select products, get quotes, create artwork and send orders directly to you, all in rapid fire, real time. They pull the item information from your ESP product listings helping you to reduce handling time with error-free distributor purchase orders on an industry standard order form.


Q: Will the management of data for Suppliers become REAL-TIME?
A: Yes, in a future release.

Q: How does this affect Supplier Updates?
A: In the second quarter, we will be adding a new module for updating Supplier information.

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