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Is Visibility Important To You?

The average catalog is viewed by three potential buyers. With a viewing audience of over 1.8 MILLION, Spectrum® is not your average catalog!

Spectrum® is the must-have catalog for distributors because it can be used as both a selling and marketing tool all year long, giving you, the advertiser, maximum longevity. Containing hundreds of products in all price ranges, distributors give this catalog to every type of customer and prospect. And with a guaranteed circulation of 605,000, you’ll sleep well knowing that you are getting the most for your marketing dollar.


Circulation:   625,000
Audience: End-Buyers
Month Published:   December 2011
Reservation Deadline:   August 2011
Renewal Deadline: May 2011


Dimensions:   5-5/16" x 8-3/8"



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