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ASI Distributor Mailing Lists

Distributor Mailing Lists – the easiest way to get your message to distributors.

Now there’s an easy way to get your catalog, your promotion, or your sales message to Distributors – ASI Distributor Mailing Lists. Mailing lists are available on labels, CD or electronically. You can purchase a list of all ASI distributors, or choose a more targeted list.

Choose from distributors

  • With a specific sales volume
  • Who have excellent paying habits
  • Who specialize in selling to a specific industry
  • Who have indicated that specific products are among their top five best sellers
  • Who employ a certain number of salespeople
  • In particular geographic locations
You can also get a list that includes multiple executive names, phone numbers and fax numbers.

85 sort options make it easy to target the distributors you want to reach!

ASI offers our exclusive mailing lists to all suppliers. However, ASI CreditConnect subscribers receive a substantially reduced rate – almost 40% off!

Special new distributor mailing list program!

An easy and cost-effective way to get your company name and catalogs to companies who haven’t yet formed an alliance with any one particular supplier. You’ll receive a list of new ASI distributor members each month or each quarter for a full year.

For ASI Credit Connect™ Subscribers
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For Non Subscribers: (Pressure-sensitive labels are only available)
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