ASI CreditConnect Plus

ASI CreditConnect Plus allows you to search all ASI distributors and pull a comprehensive credit report, including detailed pay habits, past-due reports, current vs. previous credit comparisons, and several other important details about their credit.

Included in a ASI CreditConnect Plus subscription:

FastFind ®
FastFind is a print publication, updated semi-annually, that has been dubbed the distributor “Yellow Pages” of the promotional products industry. It is a quick and easy reference book that consists of two separate sections: An alphanumeric section that provides a brief profile and credit information on all distributors listed by ASI number, and a geographical section that lists all distributors by location.

Credit Alert™
Credit Alert is a daily email service that supplies late-breaking news on bankruptcy filings, accounts turned over for collection, payments on delinquent invoices, returned checks, and monthly past dues.

For more information about ASI CreditConnectPlus™ or ASI CreditConnect Platinum™, contact an ASI CreditConnect representative at 800-546-1226 or Click Here to Request Information...

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