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ASI CreditConnect Platinum

ASI CreditConnect Platinum is the ultimate credit and business service. It includes enhanced functionality and provides all the demographic and credit information you need to make marketing and credit decisions.

  • Easy to read credit score.
  • Monitor the pay habits of existing and prospective customers to be sure you are doing business with credible distributors.
  • Search distributors in particular locations for prospecting and marketing efforts.
  • Receive UNLIMITED access!

Included in a ASI CreditConnect Platinum subscription:

FastFind ®
FastFind is a print publication, updated semi-annually, that has been dubbed the distributor “Yellow Pages” of the promotional products industry. It is a quick and easy reference book that consists of two separate sections: an alphanumeric section that provides a brief profile and credit information on all distributors listed by ASI number, and a geographical section that lists all distributors by location.

Credit Alert™
Credit Alert is a daily email service that supplies late-breaking news on bankruptcy filings, accounts turned over for collection, payments on delinquent invoices, returned checks, and monthly past dues.

For more information about ASI CreditConnectPlus™ or ASI CreditConnect Platinum™, contact an ASI CreditConnect representative at 800-546-1226 or Click Here to Request Information...

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