1. Why will ASI CreditConnect help me make better decisions than other credit services?
Unlike other credit services, CreditConnect is a source you can trust for industry-specific credit information. You need to know how fast distributors pay suppliers, not whether the company president has a high personal credit card balance or if he is paying on his leases. Over 1,100 industry suppliers report both monthly and semi-annually about the distributors with whom they do business.
2. Why can’t I just use distributors’ references to get industry-specific information?
Unfortunately, if you only use references, you can’t be assured you’re getting accurate data about a distributor’s paying habits. Distributors will only provide you with the names of suppliers they paid on time and withhold those that they didn’t. That kind of biased information could really get you in trouble when extending credit. When you use ASI CreditConnect, you can rest assured you are making sound decisions based on the experiences of over 1,100 suppliers.
3. How will ASI CreditConnect save me time?
With ASI CreditConnect, you have instant access – 24 hours a day – to the critical financial data you need before extending credit. You’ll no longer have to waste your valuable time calling or faxing references and waiting for their responses. With ASI CreditConnect, you can pull up a distributor’s credit information and give them a decision while you still have them on the phone.


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