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Quiz: Age Is But a Number

Generations are not always so cut and dry. Are you a hip 50-year-old with your finger on what's trending with teens? Or, are you a Millennial who is reaching out to senior citizens? Your age may place you in one category, but take our quiz to find out what age your personality is.

  1. Your sales manager briefs you on a new client. The client has a major trade show coming up and needs some ideas. You ...
  2. A: Step right up to the plate and take charge, as you like to run the project.
    B: Contribute all you can, but make sure that this new project won’t interfere with your family commitments.
    C: Find out how this project contributes to the company’s goals and what impact this promotion will have. Then, jump onboard and add it to your to-do list.

  3. You were the highest sales producer in the past month. Congrats! You ...
  4. A. Sit back and smile – you did it, but you don’t need the spotlight.
    B. Would appreciate some recognition or feedback from your company about your performance.
    C. Want to be rewarded in a timely fashion, preferably in front of your peers. That will make you want to continue to improve your performance.

  5. Social media is ...
  6. A. Necessary, but you prefer to conduct your business by cold calling, referrals and tapping into your existing relationships.
    B. Easy to learn. You may not be all over Facebook and Twitter, but you embrace new technology and are eager to see how it fits into your business.
    C. The future. You’re always on top of technology and incorporating it with all of your marketing and sales efforts.

  7. You are at a new restaurant in town. The food is amazing. You compliment the waiter and also receive a free dessert for your patronage. You ...
  8. A. Ask to speak with the manager and express your satisfaction with the restaurant. You may even send a thank-you note for the experience.
    B. Tell your friends about the restaurant and suggest setting up another evening with your friends.
    C. Post a review on Yelp, then take a picture of your free dessert and tell everyone on Facebook.

  9. 5. The night is winding down and you’re off to bed. Your Blackberry or corporate phone is ...
  10. A. OFF.
    B. It’s on, but I mentally shut off when I left the office. I am not returning calls or e-mails at home.
    C. Either in bed with me or right next to me on my night stand. I may even wake up to check it throughout the night.

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