MEMBER BENEFITS : Helpful Tips for Your Purchase Orders

Purchase orders play a vital role in our business success. We should not dismiss their importance to bring in business and secure future sales. They can also be used to safeguard your current business as well.

For example, some distributors find it helpful to include some type of language on their purchase orders to deter suppliers from contacting their clients directly to solicit business. Here is a sample of some language that could be placed on your purchase orders.

Sample Purchase Order Language:
By accepting this order, you and your company agree that the name and contact name information concerning the customer of (your company name) is part of (your company name) customer list and is proprietary information of (your company name). The customer name and contact information is provided solely for shipping the goods ordered and cannot be used to solicit or contact the customer. Should you or your company use the information for any other purpose, you or your company agree to give (your company name) the revenue from all sales to the customer you or your company contacted in violation of this provision.

Please remember, however, that this information and advice were originally part of an editorial, it is not intended as legal advice. ASI cannot accept responsibility or provide assurances that it’s absolutely right for you or will work with your suppliers. If you have any legal questions concerning this topic, you should contact an attorney.

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