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Hot List Honorees

  • Allison Gower, Platform Group Gallery
  • Becky Lamken, Geiger
  • Billy Dolan, China Imprint
  • Brian Fron, Berghoff
  • Catherine Pilgrim, Corvest
  • Charley Johnson, SnugZ
  • Chuck Fandos, Gateway/CDI
  • Cindy Jorgensen, Brown & Bigelow
  • Craig Morantz, Leed's Canada
  • Dale Kirby,
  • Danny Rosin, Brand Fuel
  • Doug Stayman, In Your Face Apparel
  • Dov Charney, American Apparel
  • Herb Piller, Groline
  • Jason Black, Boundless Network
  • Joyce Johnson-Miller, Norwood/Relativity Capital
  • Jordy Gamson, The Icebox
  • Kari, Lori & Jodi Caden, Caden Concepts
  • Kathy Vichakchon, OraLabs
  • Larry Cohen, Axis Promo Products
  • Lon McGowan, iClick
  • Lyndesy Tidwell, Pacific Western Sales
  • Marc Held, Bodek and Rhodes
  • Mark Ziskind, CSE
  • Memo Kahan, PromoShop
  • Michelle Kajan, Jack Nadel
  • Nadine Panetti/Mark Hobbs, PromoBiz/Del Rey
  • Pam Myers, Digispec
  • Rob Watson, MediaTree
  • Ross Silverstein, iPromoteU
  • Shauna Feldman, Promotions Hannah Inc.
  • Terry McGuire, Halo/Lee Wayne
  • Tim O'Boyle, Journalbooks
  • Tom Vann, Target Graphics
  • Trevor Gnesin, Logomark
  • Trish Karter, Dancing Deer Baking Co.
  • Vera Muzzillo, Proforma
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